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Made In Chelsea 5.1: Tears, Leers & Threats To Boulle’s Ears

by Daisy Buchanan
9 April 2013 16 Comments

So the series of posh snobs and out-of-work millionaire 20-somethings is back. This week we see an angry Spencer and a Francis that can "handle" him any day...


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Jo 10:23 am, 9-Apr-2013

Could this be like The Truman Show with Louise as the star? This appears to be her real life whereas everyone else is clearly acting (badly).

Clare 12:01 pm, 9-Apr-2013

Where is Cheska? Has she kidnapped Richard and locked him in her sex dungeon? Or is she in prison for murdering Kimberley? Spenny sounds like Dick Van Dyke when he calls people a "bellend". Mark-Francis' 'heave' face after drinking cheap bear from a plastic cup at the gig was the episode highlight.

Sam Diss 12:34 pm, 9-Apr-2013

I heard that poor Louise cried all of the water out her body. Imagine how her mother felt! What a disgrace.

@DualVitality 5:53 pm, 9-Apr-2013

Jo - Next episode I will be considering this for sure. Even if she too is acting badly, I doubt the script requires that many tears. They seem too easily produced. She seems far too possessed for reality TV. That said, ACE write up as per Ms B! Defo think Lucy will be less playa and more heartofgold this series. Yawn.

@DualVitality 6:57 pm, 9-Apr-2013

One question: although i did watch said episode, can anyone tell me after this (too has passed), is Louise still with Spencer?

Bridge 8:30 pm, 9-Apr-2013

'Spencer’s suitability as a boyfriend is about as high as the chances of someone deciding to create a designer fragrance based on the personal scent of an unlicensed mini cab driver.' hahahahaha excellent!!!

Sedge 10:54 pm, 9-Apr-2013

Umm, why steal from Brass Eye? Bit weird. The insight in to Mark Francis's mindset that he thought double denim was appropriate for a gig in Camden is hilarious. I saw him on a train once, and was so surprised that he used trains that I accidentally trod on his foot, which was embarrassing......

Debs 11:27 pm, 9-Apr-2013

The bitch better send the teddy back. I am so bored of spencer and Louise now. He is the biggest bell end ever, used to feel sorry for her but if I'm honest I now agree with rosie it will happen again. Can I marry Francis please.

Daisy 6:46 am, 10-Apr-2013

I would watch a "special DVD" of Mark Francis being taken to different gigs around the country and reacting with increasing levels of discomfort. Sam, for just £1000 a month you can water Louise with a hose and rehydrate her...worried about Cheska. Hope she's shagging someone in secret.

Daisy 6:48 am, 10-Apr-2013

And as much as I love Brass Eye, any references to it are entirely accidental - I've read through this again and I can't spot them.

Ford 11:43 am, 10-Apr-2013

I love your reviews, I look forward to them just as much as the episodes

DW 10:11 pm, 10-Apr-2013

I think Boulle should sing 'Can I borrow a feeling' in the next episode, I'd buy it in a flash.

jill 7:33 pm, 11-Apr-2013

'If we follow this to its logical and horrible conclusion..' You have such a way with words, Daisy, I didn't even need to read the rest of the sentence to be Literally LOLing. My only suggestion - not to you, but to the Editors at Sabotage Times: can they do something to help us find you faster? Since the revamp, now when I type 'made in chelsea' I have to wade thru a ton of sports pieces first. Still, it's worth the effort. From now on I'm just searching for Daisy Buchanan. F. Scott would be pleased as punch, btw.

CL 4:33 pm, 15-Apr-2013

I could never watch an episode of MIC if it wasn't going to be followed up by one of these reviews.

Claire 2:00 pm, 18-Apr-2013

Another awesome write up! excited for your blog as much as the program itself- Defo need to make this page easier to find!!!!

Spirate 3:10 am, 22-Apr-2013

Where did Spencer get those leather trousers from? East17 had a car boot sale? He looked wrong!!

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