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Made In Chelsea 5.2: The Gang Buys Skiing Kit, Phoebe's Fit & Lucy Doesn’t Like It A Bit

by Daisy Buchanan
16 April 2013 7 Comments

This week Spencer poses again as a human punching bag, Francis doesn't want any bad blood with the gorilla and Lucy proves she may be London's most evil she-devil...


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Jo 2:14 pm, 16-Apr-2013

I wish we could tell Cheska Binky was MADE to dump her for Lucy by the producers and she doesn't really mean it. It was truly heartbreaking to watch.

@DualVitality 8:36 pm, 16-Apr-2013

Can you imagine if all this time Caggie and Spencer have been secretly together and there is a big reveal right at the very end?

Lucy 11:53 am, 17-Apr-2013

Love the Spenny jowl references. Give ourself a real treat and watch him getting a total beasting on Jonathan Ross's show. He gets beetroot jowls right about the time Wossy declares "you really are a pr**k aren't you!"

Lucy_von 12:18 pm, 17-Apr-2013

"Outbonkersed" - just brilliant.

Clare 1:29 pm, 17-Apr-2013

I'm pleased I'm not the only one who can't understand these new Lettice people. Where is Dicky Dinan these days?

TikkiB 12:01 pm, 22-Apr-2013

As an integral part of the whole MIC enjoyment as ever, BUT these columns are getting stupidly hard to find. Sort it out Sabotage Times. Daisy's weekly review should be on the front page all week.

Cp dixon 10:42 pm, 23-Apr-2013

Love love love Daisy's take on MIC and totally agree with TikkiB coomment - why is it so hard to find the reviews Sabotage should recognise the interest in Daisy's reviews and make them easier to find

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