10 Ace Peter Schmeichel Pictures Every Manchester United Fan Must See

A red nose in every picture.
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We pay pictorial tribute to 51-year old birthday boy Peter Schmeichel.

10. A young Schmeichel at the 1988 European Championships for Denmark

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9. Schmeichel in his first season at Manchester United in 1991

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8. En-route to winning the 1992 European Championships with Denmark

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7. He wasn't just good at defending corners

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6. Peter celebrates in 1994 with his son and future international goalkeeper, Kasper

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5. Schmeichel reacts to a horrific injury to Coventry's David Busst

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4. Alex Ferguson's greatest ever signing?

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3. Having completed the double in 1999, there was just one more thing to win...

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2. Schmeichel head over heels with joy as United take the lead in the 1999 Champions League final

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1. The captain holds aloft the most prodigious trophy in club football

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