10 Quotes From The Maestro Paul McStay That Every Celtic Fan Will Love

Words of wisdom from Celtic's pass master.
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10. On humility: "I enjoyed my football, I was a decent player. I did okay."

9. On the decline of the Scottish national team: "A lot of the young players haven’t been given the ­opportunity at club level. Scottish football went through a period of buying players in and the talent got stifled and they ended up drifting out of things."

8. On his medal haul: "Looking back on it now, having been with a club as big as Celtic, it maybe should have been more, but on top of my 76 Scotland caps, I don't think I can complain."

7. On what it meant to play for Celtic: "It was a privilege to play for and captain the Club I have supported all my life and the pride I felt all those years ago will forever remain."

6. On deciding to retire: "I could still play but, basically, my bones were rubbing together and there was a danger of osteoarthritis. When the surgeon gave me this information, I knew I was endangering my future health and that I had to face reality. I had to get a grip of my life and say, 'you can't go on like this'. It was a hard decision but it was the correct one."

5. On life after football: ''The hardest part came later in not being involved the following season. It was painful going to Parkhead as a fan and looking out on my former team-mates."

4. On being dropped by Tommy Burns: "I was very upset at the time. I needed to say to myself: 'Right, what are you going to do about it?' I was fortunate that I had a lot of help from family and friends.''

3. On living in Australia: "I've discovered you feel just as bad Down Under when Celtic lose as you do when you live in Glasgow."

2. On the 1995 Scottish Cup win over Airdire: "The game was ninety minutes longs but for me the game lasted as long as my five years as captian and six years without a trophy."

1. On the Celtic fans: "Celtic Football Club is the fans, without them there is no club." 


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