12 Of The Best Arsenal Chants You Won't Hear At The Emirates

Arsenal fans are often criticised for their poor support at the Emirates, but it's a different story when away from home...
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12 Of The Best Arsenal Chants You Won't Hear At The Emirates...

1) To Manchester City after they failed to make it out Champions League group stage (tune of Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’):

“You’ve got the money money money, you’ve got the money money money, but you’re playing on a Thuuuursday, you’re playing on a Thuuuuursday!” 

2) Same again:

“You can do the Poznan, when you’re playing Poznan, la la la la!”

3) After Arry’s court case about his tax evasion:

“Harry Redknapp, pays tax when he wants”

4) To Sp*rs:

“Forever in our shadow you will be, your hearts are filled with pain and jealousy, Tottenham! Tottenham! Have you ever won the Premier League?!” HAVE YOU F***!

5) After Redknapp underwent heart surgery in 2011:

“Who’s that lying on the carpet, who’s that lying on the floor? It’s Harry Redknapp and he’s had a heart attack and he won’t be going Tottenham anymoooore”

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6) During the Anton Ferdinand-John Terry controversy, around Christmas time:

“Away in a police cell no WAG in his bed, the little John Terry regrets what he said”

7) Every year at Fulham:

“Your statue is sh*t, your statue is sh*t, it should have been Jedward, your statue is sh*t!”

8) “Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn’t mean it, I just want Chamakh for good! I want Chamakh, I want Chamakh!”

9) (tune of Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody”) “III wanna dance with Koscielny, III wanna feel the heat with Koscielny, III wanna dance with Koscielny, cos Koscielny’s a Gooooner!”

10) (tune of Macarena) “He’s six foot six and his name’s Mertesacker, he’ll f*****g knock you out and his name’s Mertesacker, he’s Arsenal’s number four and his name’s Mertesacker, Peeeeer Mertesacker!”

11) (tune of Wham’s ‘Wake me up before you go-go’): “Wake me up, Yaya Sanogo, we hope you’re better than that c*** from Togo!”

12) Last but not least, a song promulgated at Fulham away this year: "We love you, we love you, we love you, and where you play we follow, we follow, we follow, cos we support The Arsenal, The Arsenal, The Arsenal, and that's the way we like it, we like it, we like it....ooooooaaaoooawooahhhh, oooooaaaoooaawoaahhhh *and repeat*

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