12 Steve Evans Quotes To Further Depress Leeds Fans

Words of wisdom from Leeds' next manager.
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12. On his former employers at Rotherham: “I pick the players, whether they come, whether they go and our chairman supports that. The minute he doesn’t support it, I go.”

11. On his potential employer at Leeds United “If you work for Massimo Cellino, you coach the players and get the results from the players he brings in or you pay with your job, that is the way it is.”

10. On modesty: “Martin Allen said last week that he usually gets an SOS call to go and save clubs from relegation, well maybe I'll start getting them to win sides promotion.”

9. On reacting to winning promotion with grace: “There was a Millwall player who said we’ve not got bottle. Well, I’ve got 12 bottles of pink finest champagne and we’ll be drinking them for about a week! Look forward to League One, son, and keep your trap shut!”

8. On the referee Eddie Ilderton: “The referee was totally, obnoxious rude and embarrassing to me and my staff throughout the match and at half-time.”

7. On solving the tactical battle Rotherham faced when playing Aston Villa: “If I could lose a few stones I'd put myself on the team-sheet.”

6. On how to create cordial relations with Leyton Orient: "I've got no respect for their camp, I've got no time for the management team and I dislike them intensely, put that on the record”

5. On the Rotherham player Jason Taylor, after Southend tried to sign him two days before the teams met: “They must think I'm Donald Duck. After the way he played, I don't think they'd want him anyway would they?”

4. On self-discipline, a fortnight before being sent to the stands when Crawley played Cheltenham: ”It's been the best part of three years since I've been sent to the stands by a match official or reported, so from that point of view, that tells you there has been a dramatic change.”

3. On his six-game stadium ban at Rotherham, having been found guilty of using abusive and insulting words and behaviour towards a female member of staff during his time at Crawley: ”For the good of Rotherham United I accept the verdict and will move on with no further comment.”

2. On conspiracy theories: “It can't be an agenda against me because I keep winning promotion don't I? But we seem to be on the wrong end of a lot of decisions.”

1. On a kindred spirit: “If you look at Leeds United and Massimo Cellino, where would they be if he had not have stepped in with his millions of pounds?”


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