13 Amazing Retro Souvenirs From The Lost World Of Tottenham Hotspur

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Got, Not Got Tottenham Hotspur Front Cover.jpg

The prolific team behind the Got, Not Got books, which delve into the nostalgic world of retro football merchandise, have just produced a new title to delight Spurs fans.

Got, Not Got: The Lost World Of Tottenham Hotspur by Derek Hammond and Gary Silke is a treasure trove for Tottenham supporters, young and old.

Here's 13 of our favourite items featured in the book.

13. A knitted Steve Archibald

Knitted Steve Archibald.JPG

12. Mike England - Watch and Learn

MIke England - Watch and Learn.jpg

11. Coffer Sports fan set

1970s Coffer Sports 'fan set', yours (at the time) for ú2 95.JPG

10. Cyril Knowles trading card

nice one cyril.jpg

9. Esso football club badges

Petrol freebie - Esso Football Club Badges 1971.JPG

8. Cleveland Petrol freebie, Pat Jennings figurine

Cleveland petrol freebie - jennings - Joe Mercer's Great Britain Soccer Squad 1971..jpg

7. Unopened Hummel shirt 89-91

Hummel shirt 89-91 - super rare unopened.JPG

6. Martin Peters rosette

rosette - martin peters.jpg

5. Roy of the Rovers front cover from 1982

Roy of thr Rovers 1982.jpg

4. Jimmy Greaves training ball

Greavsie's own alternative to the classic Wembley Trophy Football.JPG

3. Striker team set

Striker - better than Subbuteo - question mark.JPG

2. Pat Jennings Clarks ad

pat jennings signs up to clarks shoes.jpg

1. Coffer Sports sew on patch

Coffer Sports sew-on patch, 1970s.JPG


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