17 Frank McAvennie Quotes Every Celtic And West Ham Fan Must See

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17. On joining West Ham: "As a boy from Glasgow, I wasn't really interested in moving to England. But West Ham... even I knew that West Ham won the World Cup!"

16. On being a late starter: "When I was younger, I used to go and watch Celtic every week. My dad took me home and away. I didn't start playing football until I was 19, simply because I used to go and watch Celtic and I didn't think I was good enough. Probably a lot of people would say I wasn’t."

15. On his scoring technique: "My chat-up line used to be, 'I know a lot of Page 3 birds - show me your boobs and I'll see how they compare."

14. On scoring against Rangers in Celtic’s centenary year: "When I put the second one in, the whole stadium erupted and the crowd began singing ‘Happy Birthday Dear Celtic’. Anyone who didn't know it was a special year, they would know then. It was all as if it was meant."

13. On commuting from London to Glasgow while at Celtic: "The only problems I had here was getting up here on a Monday, that was all. That was nothing to do with the club, that was to do with British Airways. The flights were terrible."

12. On his drug habit: "I wasn't addicted to coke. I was addicted to the lifestyle."

11. On how business used to be conducted at Celtic: "The old Board were all a***holes! The deal was done on a Holiday Inn napkin. I should have realised something was wrong as I was in the F****** Hilton!"

10. On his decision to rejoin West Ham: "We all make mistakes sometimes and I know now that I should have stayed at Celtic Park."

9. On mythology: "Lots of stories were told about me in London, but not all of them were true. One of them says I left a restaurant at 8am one Saturday morning and went and scored two goals that afternoon. It's a great story, but it's not true. I never went out beyond a Wednesday night before a Saturday, never. I wasn't a good professional, of course I wasn't, but I was fit."

8. On how Terry Wogan made him famous: "I went on Wogan because I was the top goalscorer in Europe, I think it was, at that time and I had blasted onto the scene. I had to ask permission because it was filmed on a Friday night. It was good fun. But it really did change my life. I think there were 29 million people at home watching it."

7. On being a Celtic fan: "My favourite thing about match days was getting up and waiting for my uncle to come with the car to take me and my dad to the game. Walking up to the ground among the crowd and getting that buzz was amazing."

6. On his debut season with West Ham in 1985-86: "I did something at West Ham that will never be done again. We didn't win the league but I will never get back what I had there. I scored 26 goals. Only Gary Lineker beat me and he took a load of penalties. It was a brilliant time. I loved West Ham, and the fans really took to me."

5. On his 1987 row with Chris Woods, Terry Butcher and Graham Roberts: "It was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears."

4. On being able to enjoy a night out in Glasgow: "I was fortunate because nobody ever wanted to fight me. I cross the divide. I do not give a monkey’s about the religion thing and everyone knew that. I never got bothered."

3. On off-field hobbies: "Yes, I was Jack the Lad, everyone knows that. I loved chasing after girls. The chase was great."

2. On his advice for modern Celtic players: "Just take it in because it is hard when you are there but when you leave the club you realise how big it is."

1. On the game and clubs he loves: "I love football because it's given me such a great life. I've made mistakes but we all have - mine just get highlighted a lot more. I just love the whole concept of football. People say it's being taken away from the man in the street but I don't think that's the case. I'm a fan again and I go to watch Celtic and West Ham and I love it."


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