18 Danny McGrain Quotes Every Celtic Fan Will Love

Celtic legend Danny McGrain is 65 today and we're celebrating with his best quotes.
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18. On his youthful ambitions: “I didn’t even want to be a footballer. I wanted to be a mechanical engineer but couldn’t understand Higher Maths.”

17. On joining Celtic as a teenager: “It was relief as I didn’t have to do any more Maths!”

16. On the rumours that a Rangers scout watched him as a youngster and assumed he was Catholic: “If the scout was doing his job properly then he could have easily found out I was a pupil at Kingsridge Secondary in Drumchapel – a Protestant school. That’s if the scout even existed.”

15. On Jock Stein: “He was a nice man. You don't remember the things your dad did to you that were bad. You remember the nice things like Christmas or your birthday. Maybe Mr Stein could give you stick, but it was forgotten outside the dressing room. He taught me so much.”

14. On his goalscoring ability: “My bottle just went in the box. I just couldn't score.”

13. On playing at Ibrox: “I loved the whole atmosphere and the love/hate thing at Ibrox. There was more blood and thunder in those days, but that was more acceptable then.”

12. On having diabetes: “I am proud of showing that having diabetes shouldn’t stop you having an active life. I played with it for 13 years and never had a problem. It’s all about how you look after yourself and live your life.”

11. On finding his position: “I never thought I could be a full-back as I always thought that full-backs had to be hard tacklers and good defenders but once I played there I was comfortable.”

10. On his toughest opponent, Aberdeen’s Arthur Graham: "You would be allowed one hard tackle at the start of the game, but Arthur could take it and when you had the ball he would tackle you. Davie Cooper was tough to pin down, but if you tackled him hard he would drift back deeper where he was less dangerous. Arthur just kept coming.”

9. On his one red card: "I was late for the second one (yellow card), unfortunately I only realised that when I was in mid-air. It's always like that when you are late.”

8. On play-acting: "You can't tackle now and I do see more young guys copying professional players by feigning injury. We used to laugh at the Italians for doing it, now we copy them.”

7. On Rangers fans: “The more they booed you the better the player you were. If you were a good player or just an ordinary player, they would just shout and swear at you but I used to get booed.”

6. On his many medals: “They’re up in the loft, mouldering away. I don’t need them on display. The kids know who I am.”

5. On Kenny Dalglish: “When he played up here he was just fantastic, and while we as players never took him for granted, the Scottish football media did. When he did go there was a big gap in our football up here. He blossomed playing with better players in a better league, and grew into a giant of football.”

4. On his ferocious tackling: "My tackling was good because my timing was good. Okay, not every tackle was inch-perfect, but I never went in to hurt anybody.”

3. On being described as the ‘world’s best right-back’: “I know they’re compliments and well-meant, but they were made when we didn’t see much football from other countries on TV and now that we do, folk are still at it.”

2. On his consistency: “I can’t remember many bad games, nor many outstanding games.”

1. On becoming Celtic captain: “There isn´t a phrase that can describe it. You can say it was fantastic or brilliant, but it was more than that. You were representing the club, fronting the club. I was captaining a team that had won a European Cup and was renowned around the whole world.”


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