20 Hilarious Micky Quinn Quotes Newcastle And Coventry Fans Must See

Funny stuff from the Mighty Quinn.
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20. "He decapitated him at the kneecaps."

19. "It was nice to hear Ray Wilkins speaking so articulate."

18. "As they say, ‘A bird in the hand is worth one in the bush."

17. "Are Spurs title contenders for the league?"

16. "He's 23 years of old."

15. "Ian Holloway’s rants are becoming more verocifous."

14. "I regret that my career wasn’t prolonged for longer."

13. "The Gillingham players have slumped to their feet."

12. "He has got his tactics wrong tactically."

11. "Martin O’Neill fills all the boxes."

10. "A lot of people are jumping on the moral background."

9. "They should slowly integrate them out of the club."

8. "There’s that famous saying from Match of the Day - you don’t win anything with youngsters."

7. "You have to put your shoes in Daniel Levy's shoes."

6. "Pitches today are like snooker carpets."

5. "Arsene Wenger has done a brilliant job, but the cupboard has been dry for seven years."

4. "The possession stats at one point were 77% to 33%."

3. "Luis Suarez is a victim of his own make-up."

2. "You've got a little spring in your step in your voice."

1. "Barcelona play football to die of."


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