20 Of The Funniest Charlie Nicholas Quotes Ever

A proper Charlie.
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20. “What Newcastle lack is a lack of pace.”

19. ”It's all very well batting from the same hymn sheet.”

18. “If they can take Chelsea’s scalp, it will give them unbelievable belief.”

17. “They’ll try to get a good feel factor.”

16. “Paul Jewell’s sides are always hard to break down, although Manchester United have a habit of breaking his sides down pretty easily.”

15. “I’ve had a broken leg and it’s painful.”

14. “That’s why the captain is there, to take profile off the manager.”

13. "Mancini's got to nail this in the bud.”

12. “You’d need Medusa to predict that.”

11. “I will say right here and now that his world should be brought to an end today.”

10. “Carlton Cole gives you length.”

9. “They get to about 30 yards out and then everything goes square and a bit pedantic.”

8. "I'm a strong believer that if you score goals, you win matches.”

7. “Zola can relieve himself now he’s 3-0 up.”

6. “It's imperable that they get off to a good start.”

5. "Barcelona is the only club I can see players going from Arsenal to Barcelona to.”

4. “Every time they attacked we were memorised by them.”

3. “Nani knows he can’t be inconsistent one week, good the next.”

2. "Scottish football needs a kick in the arm.”

1. And finally… the worst slice of banter ever seen on TV.


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