2014 World Cup - Day Two: World Cup Quiz

Welcome to Sabotage Times' daily World Cup Quiz featuring different guests answering tournament related questions. Taking part today is our editor-in-chief, James Brown.
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James Brown is a seasoned journalist and editor, Leeds United fan and founder of this here website - but that's nothing that you wouldn't learn by just reading his Wikipedia page. He's worked across print, online, television and radio during his successful career, winning more awards for journalism then most people are actually aware exist. Luckily for us, he's now the second person to be featured on our daily World Cup quiz.

In case you're not aware, our daily World Cup Quiz couldn’t be any simpler. Eight questions, eight answers, all football. Take it as read that we’ll have asked the questions before a ball has been kicked, so if they say England will win it and we’ve already been knocked out, don’t hold it against them…or then again, maybe you should.

Here we go…

1 - What was your first World Cup?

My first World Cup memory is standing in Allan Clarke’s kitchen when he was unpacking has bag having returned from the 1970 World Cup. My mum was friends with his wife and I sent a lot of time in and out of his house asking him to play football. And then the first one I remember watching was Germany 1974 when Scotland had 5 Leeds players in and Cruyff was at the amazing stand out player. At the time everyone in the street playing wanted to be one of that Holland team.

2 - How far can England get?

It’s the first time it’s felt very unpredictable. For a start we have players in Barkley, Sturridge, Lambert and Lallana who like to shoot. If you are hungry to shoot you are more likely to score goals, obvious but in past England teams we’ve had poor shot records. Having watched Brazil and Croatia I got the impression both those teams could beat England. The amount of youth in our squad hopefully means they’ll have the ambition, hunger and nerve to take the opposition on. All our most exciting players over the last twenty five years have made a name for themselves when they were young - Beckham, Gazza, Owen, Walcott, Rooney - so hopefully we’ll have some more names to add to that.

3 - Which player in the England squad should we be most excited about?

I like the two Arsenal players Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain, neither are fully fit but when they are, both are really prepared to take players on. I saw Wilshere play when he was about 16 for the Arsenal Under 17s against Liverpool and he just looked the business - like Maradona or Gazza - low centre of gravity, good dribbler and bounced out of hard tackles. If he can be lifted by the tournament he could make a big difference. Oxlade-Chamberlain is like Walcott mixed with a tank. Just so strong and direct. Barkley is similar, keeping the ball and always looking for an opportunity. It’s players in these positions rather than the strikers who will make the difference, because so often we just triangle it across the back and get nowhere.

4 - How do you plan to watch the tournament?

On TV with my son, family and mates like everyone else I guess. I’m not a massive fan of the Pub watch when it’s a match you care about, you’ve no real control over who you have to listen to shouting out.

5 - Favourite ever World Cup player?

Cruyff. When you’re 8 years old, footballers just seem like gods from another planet.

6 - Who will win the Golden Ball?

Hopefully no-one who would be on a pre-tournament shortlist of five, a new star would be fantastic. In 1990 Toto Schillaci lit up the tournament with his goals and mad rolling eyes. No-one had heard of him before hand and he emerged as a sub for Italy.

7 - Who will win the Golden Boot?


8 - Who will win the World Cup?



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