2014 World Cup - Day Five: World Cup Quiz

Welcome to Sabotage Times' daily World Cup Quiz featuring different guests answering tournament related questions. Taking part today is Dutch football expert Michael Bell.
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Michael Bell is the editor of Football-Oranje.com, an english language news and analysis resource for everything Dutch football. Obviously happily with how the tournament has done for far for the Netherlands, here are his answers from an oranje perspective.

In case you’re not aware, our daily World Cup Quiz couldn’t be any simpler. Eight questions, eight answers, all football. Take it as read that we’ll have asked the questions before a ball has been kicked, so if they say England will win it and we’ve already been knocked out, don’t hold it against them…or then again, maybe you should.

Here we go…

1 - What was your first World Cup?

I was only five at the time of 1994 so 1998 was my first World Cup, with the brilliant Dutch side reaching the Semi finals. I remember Bergkamp's goal against Argentina vividly. The tournament overall was excellent, and probably ranks as my second favourite so far, just behind South Africa.

2 - How far can England get?

I think Italy and Uruguay make it through that group......sorry.

3 - Which player in the England squad should we be most excited about?

From what I have seen of Ross Barkley, he looks a real talent, and could be excellent in Brazil.

4 - How do you plan to watch the tournament?

At home on the couch in front of the TV with a few beers an friends.

5 - Favourite ever World Cup player?

From a Dutch point of view, it has to be Dennis Bergkamp or Wesley Sneijder, who i watched inspire Netherlands in the 98 and 2010 tournaments. Will always remember Bergkamp v Argentina, and Sneijder's goals against Brazil. Outside of Netherlands it has to be Ronaldo, what a player he was in 98 and 2002.

6 - Who will win the Golden Ball?

Lionel Messi for me. He has not had the best season with Barcelona, but its time for him to light up a World Cup, and in South America i think he will be king.

7 - Who will win the Golden Boot?

It will be an Argentinian i think, either Sergio Aguero or Messi. There group is quite easy so i think they will score a number of goals.

8 - Who will win the World Cup?

Argentina for me are slightly stronger than Brazil at the moment, with Messi and Aguero up front. It will be difficult for any European nation in South America, so it will be one of the South Americans, so Argentina.


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