2014 World Cup - Day One: World Cup Quiz

Welcome to Sabotage Times' daily World Cup Quiz featuring different guests answering tournament related questions. To kick-off the tournament, Boy Jumps Ship.
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Boy Jumps Ship are an amazing new band from the North-East, recently signed, incredibly hyped, and massive football fans. Out of the four members, half of them are Newcastle, one of them is Sunderland, and the other picks one depending on who’s doing the best at the time. It shouldn’t work, but somehow, it really does. I mean, the drummer has a picture of Dave Grohl's face tattoo'd on his arm for fucks sake, what's not to love?!

Our new daily World Cup Quiz couldn’t be any simpler, which is handy given the people we’ve asked to fill it out (sorry not sorry). Eight questions, eight answers, all football. Take it as read that we’ll have asked the questions before a ball has been kicked, so if they say England will win it and we’ve already been knocked out, don’t hold it against them…or then again, maybe you should.

Here we go…

1 - What was your first World Cup?

The infamous Italia '90 was my first official World Cup - but the first one I can remember properly is the 1994 one in the US.

2 - How far can England get?

Realistically, we think we'll get down to the last 16, possibly the quarter finals at a push. Then we'll probably bow out on penalties as usual.

3 - Which player in the England squad should we be most excited about?

Ross Barkley. He plays with no fear, which is something we haven't had for a long time in our opinion.

4 - How do you plan to watch the tournament?

With all of our best mates huddled together around the TV.

5 - Favourite ever World Cup player?

Zinedine Zidane

6 - Who will win the Golden Ball?

Cristiano Ronaldo

7 - Who will win the Golden Boot?

Luis Suarez

8 - Who will win the World Cup?

We'd love to say England, but that's too optimistic it'll end up being Brazil


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