2014 World Cup - Day Three: World Cup Quiz

Welcome to Sabotage Times' daily World Cup Quiz featuring different guests answering tournament related questions. Taking part today is our very own co-editor, Tom Armstrong.
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Tom Armstrong is a journalist, DJ and co-editor of this here site, and when I asked him to fill out this World Cup quiz, he openly told me that he doesn’t really know that much about modern football, but yet still we plugged on undeterred. When I got the answers back however, I got a slight inkling that he hadn’t really taken the questions as seriously as others may have done...

In case you’re not aware, our daily World Cup Quiz couldn’t be any simpler. Eight questions, eight answers, all football. Take it as read that we’ll have asked the questions before a ball has been kicked, so if they say England will win it and we’ve already been knocked out, don’t hold it against them…or then again, maybe you should.

Here we go…

1 - What was your first World Cup?

The first World Cup I remember caring about was in '98. My Dad pulled off a blag and we went to Paris to the semi-finals, hospitality turnout. I still don't quite know how he managed it, I just remember we had to go under aliases all weekend. It was great.

2 - How far can England get?

I'm hoping for a loss in the third place play-off. It's not that I don't want us to do well, I just feel like too much excitement could put further strain on an already struggling national grid.

3 - Which player in the England squad should we be most excited about?

I get most excited about Danny Welbeck's hi-top fade. It looks like he should be singing the American national anthem with Boyz II Men before the game. I'm not even sure if he's going though, so I'll say David Seaman.

4 - How do you plan to watch the tournament?

Hanging by hooks from the ceiling of - REDACTED - basement.

5 - Favourite ever World Cup player?

Diana Ross in 1994.

6 - Who will win the Golden Ball?

Fuck knows. That sounds like something from the Porn Awards.

7 - Who will win the Golden Boot?

I put a tenner on Roger Milla every tournament.

8 - Who will win the World Cup?

I've been reading a lot of international newspapers and North Korea seem confident.


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