23 Glenn Hoddle Quotes Guaranteed To Make Spurs And Chelsea Fans Laugh

If only he could control the English language like he did the ball.
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23. "Okay, so we lost, but good things can come from it - negative and positive."

22. "There's a lot of work been put in that hasn't been put in."

21. "Getting picked gives you half that confidence, or 50 per cent of it."

20. "Tuesday is very quick around the corner."

19. "We threw caution to the wind and came back from the dead. Well, it is Easter Monday."

18. "Ilie has a deception of pace."

17. "I think in international football you have to be able to handle the ball."

16. "Look at Jesus. He was a normal run of the mill sort of guy who had a genuine gift."

15. "We changed to a back four and went 4-4-3."

14. "Robert Lee was able to do some running on his groin for the first time."

13. "I have a number of alternatives, and each one gives me something different."

12. "That was the way to nail the record to the mast."

11. "Steven Carr has hit a small blimp."

10. "With hindsight, it's easy to look at it with hindsight."

9. "His tackle was definitely pre-ordained."

8. "The FA Cup is still domestically the best cup in the world."

7. "With all their guns flying, Tottenham would be a threat."

6. "I never heard a minute's silence like that."

5. "There was nothing wrong with the performance, apart from throwing away the game."

4. "We didn't have the run of the mill."

3. "International football is one clog further up the football ladder."

2. "When a player gets to 30, so does his body."

1. "At this moment in time I did not say them things."


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