23 Of Chris Kamara's Greatest Quotes

Words of wisdom from Kammy but not necessarily in the right order.
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23. “Giroud scored a brilliant header with the last kick of the game.”

22. "It really is an amazing result; 0-0 at half time.”

21. ”Not only has he shown Junior Lewis the red card, but he's sent him off.”

20. “Well done to the lady lineswoman.”

19. “Barnsley have started off the way they mean to begin.”

18. “Can you believe it? James Beattie's hit it on the 18-yard line - 22 yards out.”

17. “The area you’re trying to protect at corners is the goal.”

16. “Mark Halsey didn't have a decision to make, apart from giving the penalty.”

15. "It's so daft it's almost stupid.”

14. "It's real end-to-end stuff, but unfortunately it's all up at Forest's end.”

13. “Nicky Shorey is the provider but Shane Long has made this all on his own.”

12. "Statistics are there to be broken.”

11. “Berbatov put the penalty away like he was just putting a penalty away.”

10. "The atmosphere here is thick and fast.”

9. “Karl Henry’s been sent off for a deliberate red card.”

8. “He had it on a plate, he had the sausage, bacon and eggs on it as well, but he couldn't take it.”

7. “Alex McLeish has just had his hands in his head.”

6. “Tense and nervous are not the words, though they are the words.”

5. "For Burnley to win they are going to have to score.”

4. "They've one man to thank for that goal, Alan Shearer. And they've also got to thank referee Alan Wilkie.”

3. “He's had three offside decisions, two right, two wrong.”

2. “Manchester City are defending like beavers.”

1. “Is it still called Calcutta? I thought it was Bombay these days.”


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