25 Funny And Inspiring Quotes About Leeds United

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
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25. John Arlott: "If every manager were given the choice of one player to add to their squad some would toy with the idea of George Best. But realists would have Billy Bremner."

24. Alex Ferguson: "Elland Road is the most intimidating venue in Europe."

23. Sean Derry: "You don't choose to play for Leeds United, Leeds United choose you."

22. Russell Crowe : "I’ve followed Leeds since I was a little kid. I used to come home from sport in the afternoon, me and my brother, and watch 'Match of the Day.' I love the club. I want nothing but success for the club."

21. Don Revie: "When Eddie Gray plays on snow he doesn’t leave any footprints."

20. Brian Clough on Eddie Gray: "If he was a horse he'd have been shot."

19. Ken Bates: "I shall not rest until Leeds United are kicked out of the football league. Their fans are the scum of the earth, absolute animals and a disgrace. I will do everything in my power to make sure this happens."

18. Howard Wilkinson: "The club is like an old Savile Row suit,frayed at the edges. Like a Rolls Royce in a breakers yard."

17. Allan Clarke: "When Billy Bremner took us across the white line, whether it was at Elland Road or Anfield or Old Trafford,Stamford Bridge, those players, my team, we died for Leeds United we died for that club...Billy was the best player who ever played, they don't make players like him today."

16. Radostin Kishishev: "When I finish with football, I will be able to say 'I played for Leeds'. No one will ask me which division I was in, they will just know it was the biggest club I have played for."

15. Billy Bremner: "Every time Leeds concede a goal I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart."

14. Nasser Hussain : "They used to be a bit like Arsenal, winning by one goal to nil or even less."

13. Brian Clough on his first day as Leeds manager: "Right you f***ing lot, as far as I'm concerned you can take all the medals you have won and throw them in that bin over there."

12. Johnny Giles: "I was a creative player, but I got some bad injuries early on and I decided that if this was a jungle we were playing in then it’s better to be a lion than a lamb."

11. Norman Hunter : "Ken Bates has never been afraid to shirk any responsibilities."

10. Neil Redfearn: "There are only three results in football & only two are good. At Leeds Utd, only one is acceptable."

9. Eddie Gray: "Billy played more with his heart than his head. He had a heart the size of Elland Road."

8. Geoffrey Boycott: "I played football for Leeds United under-18s, but at 17 my eyes started to go and I had to wear glasses. The football had to go - there were no contact lenses in 1957."

7. Massimo Cellino: "Coaches are like watermelons, you only know how good it is when you open it."

6. Brian Clough: "Hunter, you're a dirty bastard and everyone hates you. I know everyone likes to be loved, and you'd like to be loved too, wouldn't you?"

Norman Hunter: "Actually I couldn't give a f**k."

5. Gary McAllister: "Liverpool vs Manchester United is a great footballing fixture but Leeds vs Manchester United is pure hatred."

4. Les Cocker when told that Norman Hunter had broken a leg: "Whose is it?"

3. Jonathan Woodgate on whose results he looks for first: "Leeds, Leeds reserves, Leeds Youth teams, Leeds Permanent Building Society Pub Team, Leeds & Holbeck Pub Team, Leeds ice-hockey team, East Leeds chess under-19's, South Leeds Over-75's poker team, anyone else with Leeds in their name ........ and Middlesbrough."

2. Billy Bremner: "Side before self every time."

1. Don Revie: "You get nowt for being second."


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