28 Ace Martin O’Neill Quotes Nottingham Forest And Celtic Fans Must Read

Irish charm.
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28. On taking the Celtic job: "Some people will say its madness for me to take this job. I'm ready to invest in madness."

27. On the meaning of life: "Football is about those who play and those who pay."

26. On Brian Clough: "He was like England's version of Muhammad Ali and a more charismatic man you will never meet. He had a great opinion on football and a great opinion on other things he didn't have a clue about."

25. On the difference between punditry and management: "People have opinions, but I’ve got to make judgments, and there’s a world of difference."

24. On the state of Scottish football: "Anybody who is thinking of applying for the Scotland job in the next eight or nine years should go get themselves checked out by about 15 psychiatrists."

23. On his early days at Celtic: "One of my jobs at the start was trying to find out why exactly we had spent some of our money on Rafael Sheidt."

22. On Leicester City: "I put my heart and soul into the club. It was as if Leicester City Football club was my club, my baby."

21. On his career plans: "I will calm down when I retire or die."

20. On Arsene Wenger: "You can get carried away with your own importance, you really can. Sometimes he does. He has made a great contribution to the game here, but he is not on a different planet."

19. On life at a big club: "You cannot afford to rely on history, you have to make it."

18. On a former youth prospect: "Stewart Kerr? He played about 15 times for Celtic, then discovered crisps when he was 18."

17. On being considered by the FA for the England job: "I'm told my name was being bandied about in FA corridors, and not for having a go at some referee, which was very nice."

16. On over-praising your own: "I think Ashley Young is world class, Id put him in a bracket with Lionel Messi and Ronaldo."

15. On survival: "I think you can nearly lose your job in management if your tie doesn't fit your suit."

14. On facing 12 men: "During the five years we played everyone to be perfectly honest and many a time we played referees an' all."

13. On Zlatan Ibrahimovic: "He is possibly the most over-rated player in the world."

12. On being a pragmatic Celtic manager: "If you tell me we will win the league and not beat Rangers all season, then I would take it."

11. On going with the flow: "I've never planned anything in my life. I'm Irish. I don’t plan."

10. On Rafael Sheidt: "You and I are alike, I can do everything you can do and i'm 48."

9. On his wife: "Did she want me out of the house? Listen, she's wanted me out of the house for the past 27 years and has often asked me not to come back again. But I always show up, and really, she can't do without me, because I'm brilliant."

8. On planning for the future: "My youth coach told me he'd got these two great 15-year-olds. I told him I don't want to know, because by the time they're 18 I'll be dead."

7. On Arsene Wenger Part 2: "He has an opinion on everything. There is not a subject in this world, political, religious — anything — that he does not have an opinion on."

6. On an alternative life: "I'd dearly love to have played lead guitar with Jethro Tull. That would have done me."

5. On his Republic of Ireland assistant Roy Keane: "I think I'm the bad cop and he's the bad, bad cop."

4. On Scottish football journalists: "I know that, two miles south of Carlisle, nobody has ever heard of them."

3. On Brian Clough Part 2: ''One of the great myths is that he was a manager, not a coach. The fact is every day was a coaching lesson from Brian Clough. When he came down to the training ground, you would pick up enough in a 25-minute spell to last you a lifetime."

2. On leaving Celtic: "What sort of state do I leave Celtic in? Certainly a better state than I found them, and certainly a better state than you're in."

1. On Robbie Williams: "You’ve done really well because I thought you would struggle after Take That. I did honestly, I really did think… He can’t play, he can’t write, he can’t play guitar. Thought, he’d really struggle. Gary Barlow, probably kept the band together. But you’ve done brilliantly. That Angels song was top class."


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