5 Reasons Why We Should All Love Manchester City Target David Luiz

Chelsea's Sideshow Bob lookalike has won the hearts of their fans, and it now appears that Manchester City have fallen for him too. Here's why we should all love him:
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Manchester City are chasing Chelsea centre-back David Luiz. Here's 5 reasons why we've all fallen in love with the Brazilian madman.

Despite Gary Neville's protestations, many Chelsea fans have developed a man crush on the young Chelsea centre-back. It is of course David Luiz’s runs forward that make him shine as a defender – there is clearly a little buzz in the air whenever he comes forward and follows his run after laying the ball off. The game against Bolton last season accentuated this greatly with their terrible attempts to close Luiz down he consistently attacked from deep in his own half. In his debut appearance for Chelsea against Fulham two seasons ago, he also stormed forward making a huge impact, even keeping the ball alive with an overhead kick into the box on one occasion. But his exciting play isn’t the only reason to feel affection for this 24-year-old Brazilian. Here are five more reasons why you’ve got to love David Luiz.

1. He Scores Goals

It must come in the Brazilian blood but Luiz has a natural knack for finishing. The winner against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge in his first season made him an immediate crowd favourite. Another goal against the club now chasing him, Manchester City, was a cute flicked header from a corner, which brought us ahead in a game we needed to win to remain in that season’s title race. He then opened his Champions League tally with an excellent finish from the edge of the box against Bayer Leverkusen. When you’ve got a centre back that can finish like that - it’s a great item to have in your locker.

2. He Is Entertaining

As earlier mentioned, his attacking play on the pitch provides great entertainment for viewers but he is also worth his weight in gold off the field.  Most people noticed his humour in an interview alongside Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres. A footballer with a sense of humour? At some times this can seem like a rare thing. His antics continued with this hilarious video he popped up in whilst roaming around the training ground at Cobham. He topped all of these antics with his drunken Champions League celebrations, however. You can't help but smile at this. Sometimes football can get all too serious so David Luiz is a breath of fresh air to have in the Premier League.

When you’ve got a centre back that can finish like that - it’s a great item to have in your locker.

3 .He Is Reckless

OK, not really a good thing. In his first appearance against Fulham, which I earlier praised, he also gave away a needless penalty, which was fortunately then saved by Petr Cech. He is prone to sticking a boot in quite freely and it is only a matter of time until he picks up his next red card for Chelsea. But I think it’s this recklessness that makes him such an exciting player. If he were not happy to chase everything and surge forward without the slightest regard for the gap he is leaving in defence then we would lose that little buzz when he comes forward with the ball.

4. He Could Play Anywhere

Leading on from praising his ability to score goals you’ve got to question – why does he play in central defence? He looks like a man stifled. With finishing like that he wouldn’t look out of place up front and with his continual desire to get forward I could easily see him relishing running down either wing. In fact f*** it – let him do what he wants as long as he’s on the pitch! In all seriousness - I think a defensive midfield role might suit Luiz better than centre back. It would allow him to go forward as he does so well without leaving us exposed if we fall victim to a counter attack. He has cut his teeth as a central defender but he is only 24 – so I don’t see why he cant be adapted. Chelsea have in my opinion, four top draw centre backs. Terry, Ivanovic and Cahill can all offer a completely solid back line. So with such depth in the squad why not let Luiz run with more freedom?

5. His Hair And Cult Following

Is it possible to not like someone who styles themselves on a cartoon villain? It’s self-explanatory that Luiz has picked up the nickname Sideshow Bob after The Simpsons’ character. He has also attracted a bizarrely fast cult following by his second or third cap. I’ve never seen someone gain such a dedicated fan base so quickly. Fan videos have popped up on YouTube and supporters have shown their personal appreciation of Luiz at games by trying to imitate his curly hairdo. Now I just need find out where I can get myself a Luiz wig…

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