6 Reasons Why Man City Should Sign Javi Garcia

He was linked to Manchester United all last season but this morning City have been linked with the Benfica lynchpin. Here's why they should sign him...
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The days that immediately follow the slamming shut of the transfer window can be like a once-booming mining town in America's Wild West that has suddenly emptied due to news of gold in them thar hills 30 miles away. Then, just when you think it is safe to take to the streets, up pops a lone cowboy with pearl-handled pistols and blows everyone away. This is how City fans should feel regarding their clubs interest in signing long-term Manchester United and recent Arsenal target, Javi Garcia.

Here's why they should sign him

1. It will annoy Fergie

Ok, so not the best reason to sign someone but surely it'd be nice to get one over their Auld enemy again.

2. He's good, you know

Unable to break into the Real Madrid side as he wouldn't sell shirts, Garica has been a revelation at Benfica. 6"1', strong in the tackle with a good passing range and a hell of an engine, he has been crucial to Benfica winning three trophies (a league and two cups) since his arrival and their best player this season as they have opened up a five point gap over FC Porto

3. He's the new De Jong, except different.

For all of Nigel De Jong's merits, he isn't exactly known for his distribution at the base of the midfield. Garcia is assured in possession, organises those around him, is technically excellent and snaps into tackles with aplomb. In a similar vein to De Jong, Garcia doesn't rush forward but City don't need a player like that with the likes of Yaya Toure doing the midfield running.

Garcia is assured in possession, organises those around him, is technically excellent and snaps into tackles with aplomb.

4. He won't be lost to international duty

Much like Mikel Arteta, Garcia has featured for Spain at every level apart from senior international. With Alonso and Xavi certain to last beyond the next World Cup, City would sign a player who will be able to rest during the season and not fall foul to any unnecessary mid-week friendly injuries. And when he does make the step up, he'll become an even better player.

5. He can play centre-half

And not just fill-in, but play like a 70s librero. Good in the air and not too sluggish on the turn, his positional play when he falls back into defence is of the highest standard. I'm sure any City fan would rather see anyone than Savic at the back and this guy can deputise at the back like a natural.

6. He hates losing

Yes, so does everyone, but really hates it, to the point he goes apoplectic if the opposition get a shot on target. City have this in abundance and it seems like he would fit in perfectly.

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