7 People Chelsea Also Might Mistake For Marouane Fellaini

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The twin brother of Manchester United star Marouane Fellaini caused chaos at the weekend, which Chelsea officials mistook him for the big-haired midfielder.

Jose Mourinho was informed that Fellaini would not be playing, after his twin had arrived at Stamford Bridge and requested tickets from his friend Eden Hazard. The fact that Fellaini would probably able to get inside the ground due to the fact that he plays for Manchester United obviously went over the hapless doorman’s head.

A quick search on Google confirmed to Mourinho that Fellaini was indeed playing but this is a potential tactic that Manchester United should not overlook in the future. Here are seven other people that could be mistaken for Marouane Fellaini. 

7. Josh Sussman

The Glee actor is an exciting new addition to the list of celebrities who have a ball park resemblance to the rejuvenated Manchester United midfielder. 

6. Phil Spector

This is what Fellaini will look like in forty years time. If he was on trial for murder.

5. Matt Stone

The South Park creator is the one on the right. 

4. Tom Hanks

Back in his Bosom Buddies days a young Hanks sported the sort of ‘fro that would make Marouane proud. As David Letterman once asked the actor, “What’s the deal with your hair?”

3. Bob Dylan

That hair aint blowing in no wind.

2. Cher

The world's leading female Fellaini doppelganger. 

1. Dustin Diamond

It's a cliche but Saved By The Bell star Diamond remains the gold standard in Marouane Fellaini lookalikes. 


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