7 Things You Need To Know About Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero

He's been called the New Romario because of his deadly finishing, shown he can beat Barcelona almost single-handedly but, perhaps most impressive of all, for his next trick he could transform Mancini into a less conservative manager.
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1. He Knows How To Beat Barcelona

Agüero already comes with an established record as a fearsome goalscorer in Europe. Scoring 102 goals in 234 appearances for Atletico Madrid he has established himself as a proven goalscorer at a top European league. Much is spoken about Agüero's performance in the 2008-2009 season against Barcelona. He scored twice, provided an assist and won a penalty as Atletico came from behind to beat the best team in Europe. This is one of only two times in Guardiola's time as coach that Barcelona have conceded 4 goals. The other? You've guessed it, a 4-3 defeat again at the hands of an Agüero inspired Atletico.

2. He’s The New Romario Not The New Maradona

He may be married to Diego’s daughter but he doesn’t play like his father in law. His new manager Roberto Mancini has described him as 'the photocopy of Romario'. This is accurate as Agüero's playing style like the Brazilian is focused upon finishing rather than creating. While he's been compared to Maradona, his playing style is different. Maradona was an attacking midfielder, looking to set up others into scoring opportunities and run the game as he saw fit. Agüero in contrast is only focused on scoring goals and relies on others to provide the creative impetus.

3. Don’t Expect Him To Pass

His playing statistics vs Swansea, his competitive debut in English football, reveal this. In 30 minutes Agüero made only 9 passes with 2 resulting in City loosing possession. It's not his job to bring other players into the attack as forwards like Rooney do. His low number of passes highlight this. Moreover most of his passes against Swansea were lateral. He didn't play the ball further up as he was often the highest player up the pitch against Swansea. When he did pass the ball it was to reposition himself into a better attacking position so he could shoot. In this sense he's similar to Hernandez, the Manchester United striker who rarely creates but instead focuses all of his efforts into being in the right place to score.

4. He Can Get The Best Out Of David Silva

While he's been compared to Messi as both are Argentine youth prodigies their playing styles are different. When Messi isn't able to get the service from midfield he often drops deep in order to pick it up and bring the ball forward. Often a good sign for Barcelona's opponents is Messi dropping deep as it means they've successfully stifled Barcelona's credibility. Agüero is unlikely to do this for City, instead remaining up the field for a player like David Silva to play him into position. The interplay between them will be critical in getting the best out of Agüero and propelling City towards trophies.

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5. He’ll Make Mancini Less Conservative

Mancini has previously been criticised for being too conservative as City manager. Even with the wealth of creative and attacking talents at his disposal he stuck with a midfield three of Barry, De Jong and Yaya Toure. This limited the number of attackers he could field and critically meant that David Silva, the team's most creative player, was moved out to the wing rather than being able to run the game from the middle.

The relationship with Silva will be the most important if City want to get the most out of Agüero. As mentioned Agüero will need service from midfield if he's to provide the goals that City demand. Mancini has stated that City need to score 10-15 more goals this season if they want to challenge for the league. They only managed 60 last season along way behind the other top 4 teams. Manchester United scored 78, Arsenal 72 and Chelsea 69. Agüero's talents could be critical in adding goals and allowing City to convert some of their draws into victories which they'll need if they want to seriously challenge for the title this year. It would also take the burden off Tevez who was involved in 43% of City's goals last season. However getting the best of him will require Mancini to be less conservative.

6. He Could Lead City To Their First Premier League Title

Last season City's creativity from midfield came from Silva or the runs of Yaya Toure in the latter part of the season. However Silva was often forced to the left in order to accommodate Mancini's preferred midfield three. While Yaya Toure's role evolved to become more attacking, similar to the role he played at Monaco, playing Silva in the middle would be an upgrade for City and the best bet to get the service to Agüero that he needs. Mancini would be better served by pushing Yaya Toure back and pairing him with Nigel De Jong as the foundation of a 4-5-1. If he did this Agüero could play up top flanked by Balotelli on the left, who has played as a wide forward in Italy and Adam Johnson on the right. Doing this would make City a more positive team would yield greater attacking threat whilst still remaining defensively solid. City failed to do 'the double' over any team in the top half of the table last season and will have to improve on this.

7. He Did This On His Debut

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