A Tottenham Hotspur Fan Tells The FA To Jog On

It seems inevitable he'll go, but just let Tottenham have their man unsullied for the rest of the season please...
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A Tottenham Hotspur Fan Tells The FA Where To Go

Alright, FA, I know you’ve been left in the lurch here.

It was right what you did with Terry; the man’s a buffoon, an embarrassment to everyone that still holds a candle for the beautiful game. It’s not beyond the realms of truth to suggest that Terry-outside Stamford Bridge walls- is the most unpopular player in the Premier League today.

So putting your foot down about Terry was the right thing to do, if done in a way that again demonstrated the general lack of cohesion that seems to pervade everything to do with national team.  Capello should have done it for you.  He might be able to point to a match-winning percentage of 67% that can claim to be the best of any England manager, but he should have realised that the issue of who is captain of the England team is more important here than it apparently is in Italy, shrugged his shoulders and called time on Terry’s captaincy himself.   The fact he didn’t demonstrates more than anything that he and you never quite got into bed.

So he didn’t strip him of the captaincy.  You did.  And then he left.  And I know what you are thinking: You have your eyes on the prize and you know just the man for the job.  The choice that you know everyone in the country-Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand included- would agree with.  And you know what I’m thinking?

Jog on and leave our manager alone.

I’m 27, I’ve been a Spurs fan since I was 5.   I’ve been waiting for a season like this for all of those 22 years.  22 years, y’hear?  An FA Cup win in 1991; I can just about remember that, though it's more through pictures than actual memories.  2 Carling Cup wins since then; that’s two minor cup-competition wins in 20 years.  Yes, that’s 2 more than lots of clubs but most of those them don’t labour under the burden of past glories, of double-victories, Hoddle, Waddle, Villa and Parks, of aspirations of one day being back amongst the big boys, with just enough money spent and flashes of genius from a Klinsmann or a Ginola for these aspirations to seem occasionally in reach, even if we knew we if generally we were just letting our hearts rule heads.

in Bale, Modric, Lennon, Adebayor/Defoe and VDV we’ve got the best front five not funded by a sheikh

But now it’s different.  Yes, we got into the Champs League last season, the wins against the Milans were rewards for years of viewing Europe League/UEFA Cup qualification as The Best We Could Hope For; the hoo-doo blasting victories over Chelsea and Arsenal  giving us enough pride to call ourselves the Pride Of London without a self-deprecating yeah right afterwards.

But this season we’ve actually looked like a proper team, the one we occasionally allowed dared to allow ourselves to believe we once could be.  We’re popular.  Everyone likes us, and so they should.  We look brilliant on the pitch; in Bale, Modric, Lennon, Adebayor/Defoe and VDV we’ve got the best front five not funded by a sheikh. In Scott Parker we’ve got English heart and French hair.  In Walker, Benny, Younes and Ledley a defence that loves getting forward but defends just as well.

And at the heart of all this is  ‘Arry, seemingly telling them all how good they are and giving them the confidence to go out and-in the parlance the man himself- play smashing football.  Yes we all know there’s a bit of the Machiavelli about him and his always-open car window, and that there would have been some serious questions about his suitability to lead the England team and (not to mention the validity of my own arguments about Terry) if he had been found guilty yesterday.

But he has taken the work started by Martin Jol and pushed us another step on, from challenging for the Champions League to  challenging for the title.  We’ve been fortunate that other clubs situations have combined to allow us the tilt; Arsene’s admirable outlook on the way football clubs should be run finally getting the better of his club; the transition of Chelsea from Mourinho’s leftovers to Andre’s entrée’s; United and Liverpool both dealing with the end of eras and trying to kick-start two new teams; City not yet being the finished article and having to deal with the scandal around that stupid-but-brilliant pillock currently on holiday in Argentina.

Stuart Pearce has been installed as caretaker for the Holland game on the 28th.   Sync him up with Hiddink for the Euros

But football goes in waves.  We are currently at the crest of our own and it would be nice to just enjoy the moment , to relish in the fact that we still can dream about open-top bus-rides and redemption for Edmonton High Street after the terror of August.  I’ve accepted that Harry will probably go in the summer, but give us this season. Stuart Pearce has been installed as caretaker for the Holland game.   Sync him up with Hiddink for the Euros.  Let them be the short term saviours before the long road to Rio begins with Harry at the helm.

And then when/if he does go, perhaps we find the face that takes us from challengers (as we will almost certainly come to be) to winners.  Perhaps the dream will come alive with Jose at the helm. Perhaps we’ll get Brendan Rogers who, despite his appearance as heir apparent to Redknapp, won’t be able to deal with it.  Or perhaps he will.  Perhaps Modric will finally stop being everything Tevez isn’t and take Chelsea’s bait. Perhaps Barcelona will prove too tempting for Bale.  Perhaps Louis Saha will win the Golden Boot.

Being a Spurs fan has turned me into a never-ending cynic about the team and this is the one time in 22 years I haven’t felt like that.  For the first time we’ve got a (very small) inkling of what it might be like to support United, albeit without yet winning anything.  I don’t want this ruined by us having to see out the rest of the reason with Bond and Jordan at the helm (no disrespect intended), or with Harry taking on the England role whilst seeing out the season at Spurs and lying in bed at night wondering whether he is going to play Johnson or Walker at right-back against France . Maybe it would be a bit different if Martin O’Neill was still available.  But he’s not.   So back off FA.  It’s been a vintage season for Spurs so far, and there’s more to come.  Don’t sour it.

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