A Woman's Defence of Leon Knight. No, Really

If the idea behind Leon Knight's controversial SlagAlertPictures was to name and shame those vile fame f*ckers who chase footballers and wreck marriages. Then I for one am in favour.
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So this morning it was announced that Leon Knight is back after a stint in twitter jail. Cue the abuse and thousands of people that are lining up to tell him he failed and that #SAP (Slag Alert Pictures) was nothing but a sad flop. For those of you that missed it #SAP originally started off with Leon threatening to expose every woman that had ever sent him an adult photograph of themselves. What may surprise some of you is that I found this operation quite funny.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to send your boyfriend or someone you’re seeing the odd sexy snap of yourself. And I don't condone the exposing of some poor girl's picture that's been sent in to Leon by some bitter ex boyfriend. But what I think was valid was Leon's desire to name and shame these women who will send any professional sportsmen these sexy images in a bid to land a f*ck and five minutes of fame. Because when a footballer is exposed by a kiss and tell in the tabloids, it's not the player or the girl who suffers - it's his wife or girlfriend. They are the real victims of this lurid world.

You see, I work with footballers in back management. I am there to provide a service should crisis appear, I help to control it. Should a profile need cleaning or raising, I help to do it. We work to get to know our players, what charity interests them, what do they do in their spare time other than Fifa, what does their family enjoy doing and so on. My job is to protect the minds and off field lives of our players. I see and hear things that would make your toes curl. Not just on their behaviour but on the behaviour of women around them.

On the multiple times I’ve been on a night out with players I watch in disgust as girls approach the tables, shake whatever it is their mother gave them in crotch skimming bodycon dresses in order to try and gain the attention of any footballer. The girls should really be on a stripper wage for some of the performances I have seen.

What I think was valid was Leon's desire to name and shame these women who will send any professional sportsmen these sexy images in a bid to land a f*ck and five minutes of fame.

Ballers like power, we all get this. Sit at a table and be the king of the castle only paying in cash to show people you have some and attract women, who thanks to Mr Rozay and his mates are bitches and hoes. So the women need to decide. Be a bitch and hoe…. Or just be a lady.

I sit and listen to players telling me what women will do to be ‘under them’. These are not girls looking for a relationship, but fame f#ckers. Everything from accepting or requesting a date on face book and twitter which is never just dinner, to shoving their BBM pins in the ballers face and hoping that on that request she then gets to start reeling him in during his afternoons of boredom with vile photos of herself. These women… to me.. should be shamed. They are the type of person that doesn’t sit back and think “hang on, has he got a wife or girlfriend”.

So that's why when I first heard about it, I though that #SAP would be entertaining. As these are the type of women I spot a mile off and will do damn sure anything to keep them away from my players. They do not deserve anonymity as they openly exploit themselves for attention and five minutes of baller fame.

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