Adidas Copa Mundial – The Only Football Boot You’ll Ever Need

The classic, no-nonsense football boot. As worn by Beckenbauer, Tardelli, Maradona and erm... Matthew Upson.
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Whether you’re treading the patchy ground of your local park or the hallowed turf of Wembley, there’s a good reason why this classic boot is still king after over 30 years.

In an age when football boot s look more like they’ve been sprung from the fantasy worlds of a sci-fi film rather than a sports shop it’s relatively easy to be phased by the futuristic and often garish toe warmers on display at your local Sports Direct. Each new cleat on the market promising to make you run faster, shoot better and probably even get you laid. The football boot market is overrun with snake oil salesmen gratuitously flashing their wares at ever two bit wannabe Lionel Messi.  If you’re able to look further than the usual foot spaceships on offer though and want the real deal, look no further than the Adidas Copa Mundial.

Released in 1979 in anticipation of the 1982 FIFA World Cup, the boot has gone on to become one of the most iconic and reliable items in football and is currently the best selling football boot in the entire world.

The boot has gone on to become one of the most iconic and reliable items in football...

My first pair were a hand-me-down from my Dad when I was 14 after I tore off the sole of my cheap Puma Kings with an ill-timed free-kick (I kicked the floor...) and I’ve never bought another boot since. Made of 100% Kangeroo leather the boot looks like exactly what it should look like, a football boot. It’s a beautiful no thrills, no airs and graces classic that could have easily been torn straight out of Roy of The Rovers. Their simplicity is key, evident in the fact that the design has managed to stick around for such a long time – they wear like they’ve already been worn in before you’ve even had a kickabout. Their soleplate is plain and straightforward with no thought for ergonomics, climate-control or any other rubbish that comes with a modern boot – giving them a durability that will exceed anything else on the market.

The Copa Mundial is a classic football boot that that has stood the test of time and fought off many competitors both on the pitch and the shop shelves. Gracing the feet of everyone at one point or another from Beckenbauer, Zidane, Maradona, Best and Dave down at the Frog and Duck– what further testimony could you ask for?

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