Alex Ferguson: 10 Things We Miss About The Lovable Manchester United Legend

28 years ago today, Alex Ferguson started his first day on the job at Man Utd. We look at ten sides of the man whose absence made football a duller place.
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1. Fergie The Leader- You don't win 13 Premier League titles without commanding total respect of the dressing room. Patrice?

2. Fergie The Foe- Ferguson's Man United have dominated English football in the past 25 years, but not without threat. From “knocking Liverpool right of their f*****g perch”, calling Rafa Benitez a “clown” and his icy relationship with Arsene Wenger, Fergie's rivals have often brought the worst (or best) out of him.

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3.Fergie The Friend- It would be unjust to mention Ferguson's nasty side without the nice. Sir Alex's Christmas card list surely contains some familiar managerial faces; he is well-known for his network of professional companions including Big Sam, Jose Mourinho and erm... David Moyes.

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4. The Media Darling- His relationship with the media has been, shall we say, bumpy? It's probably a good job the papers got his retirement right this time.

5. Wheeler Dealer Fergie- His predation in the transfer market is legendary and Man United fans have him to thank for the array of superstars they have witnessed at Old Trafford. Who could forget Eric..... Djemba-Djemba... and what about Bebe?..

6. Fergie The Harmonious- Sir Alex is known for the strong bond he creates with players;  Ronaldo described him as his “father in football”- maybe he got out before it turned sour. Ferguson has had well-publicised spats with some of his biggest stars and once they upset him, it's usually curtains for them at Man United. Wayne Rooney looks to have joined Jaap Stam and David Beckham on the naughty step but with Fergie stepping down, might he still have a future at United?

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7.  The Masticator-Imagine how many hours you have spent watching Manchester United. Now imagine how many of those hours you've probably spent watching Ferguson chewing. Scary isn't it. He must have the jaw of a hyena?

8. Fergie The Fearless-1-0 down, injury time at the Nou camp in '99? Don't make me laugh. Try sitting next to Mike Phelan for 90 minutes- that'll sort the men from the boys.

9. The Celebration SpecialistDespite the hundreds, nay thousands of goals United have scored under Fergie, his celebration still looks like a work in progress. Arms half aloft, unable to contain the excitement. We'll miss you Fergie.

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10. Fergie The Time Lord- Like injury time when you're team is 1-0 up against United, Fergie's career seems to have gone on and on and on.  And, predictably, he somehow ends with a win.