Got... Not got...
Got, Not Got Chelsea Front Cover.jpg

“Come to the Shed and we'll welcome you

Wear your blue and see us through

Sing loud and clear until the game is done

Sing Chelsea everyone…”

‘Blue Is the Colour’, 1972

The following pictures and extracts are from the brilliant Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Chelsea. Out now! 

All for the shirt: CFC past master Paul Canoville luxuriates in the midst of a small sample of Rodney George’s splendid collection. 

shirts canonville.jpg

What a shot! Share a little sympathy with Brighton fan Julian Simpson, who must have been so excited back in the 1988/89 season, sitting on the bench outside the chemist’s shop, flicking through his precious pile of London awayday terrace snaps, looking for compositions in the optimistic belief that he might find one worthy of the back page. There’s lots more faded snaps of crumbling grounds, players toiling in mud and men in bobble-hats eating pies in Got Not Got’s What A Shot! collection.

what a shot a cfc.jpg

CFC legend Rob Stokes: Standing up with your arms folded, with one foot on the ball, or crouched down holding the ball with splayed out fingers... it wasn’t your mam with the camera anymore, it was the official club photographer on photocall day, taking the photo that would appear in Shoot! or on a football card. 

posing in your kit rob stokes cfc.jpg

Airfix (Chelsea) Kit: Go on, you try painting a microscopic Gulf Air logo over those tricky two-tone hoops on a bloke who’s two inches tall.

airfix a cfc.jpg

The ‘Castrol GTX’ shirt. This super stylish shirt, again from Rodney’s collection, dates back to 1974/75. If it hadn’t been for Rodders’ expert captioning we’d never have known that this most rare and beautious of all the obscure CFC shirts over the years was known as ‘the Castrol GTX shirt’. He even attached a little picture of an oil can, so we’d know what he was on about. 

castrol shirt cfc.jpg

We’re going up! Geddit?

punful ad a cfc small.jpg

Coq up? Controversy surrounded the red trim on the first Le Coq Sportif shirt of 1981/82, and the idea of hoops wasn’t met with universal acclaim when the next change came in 1983 – but the memories of the likes of Pat Nevin and Kerry Dixon in this kit are now mostly golden. 

le coq graphic cfc.jpg

The great Charlie Cooke on an A&BC orange-back of 1970/71.

a&bc cooke cfc.jpg

Rampant: From mod to the dawn of punk at Malcolm McLaren’s Sex shop, from boom to bust, from optimism to pessimism, from CFC to a lion rampant with two stars, only Peter Osgood and Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris remained constant…

prog 76-77 cfc.JPG

About Got, Not Got: The Lost World Of Chelsea by Derek Hammond & Gary Silke  

Following their acclaimed debut, Got, Not Got (runner-up in the 2012 Football Book of the Year at the British Sports Book Awards), and a second sprawling nostalgia-fest, The Lost World Of Football, Derek Hammond and Gary Silke have embarked on an epic journey through the memories and memorabilia of the nation’s football clubs, one at a time. Now the time is ripe for Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Chelsea – enabling Blues fans of a certain vintage to look back fondly on the ‘Golden Era’ of the 1960s-1990s.

Once again, the football nostalgia gurus hit the target with their unique blend of grumpy humour and blue-and-white memories shared by hundreds of thousands of fans – all lavishly illustrated with hundreds of items of fan memorabilia, relics of long-lost fan culture and never-before-seen images of action and behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge.

Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Chelsea is an Aladdin's cave of memories and memorabilia, guaranteed to whisk you back to Stamford Bridge’s fondly remembered 'Golden Age' of mud and magic – as well as a Blues-mad childhood of miniature table-top games and imaginary, comic-fuelled worlds.

The book recalls a more innocent era of football, lingering longingly over relics from the good old days – Blues stickers and petrol freebies, league ladders, big-match programmes and much more – revisiting lost football culture, treasures and pleasures that are 100 per cent Chelsea.

If you were a Junior Blue, one of the army of obsessive soccer kids at any time from the arrival of Dave Sexton on the Kings Road to the early days of the Premier League, then this is the book to recall the mavericks – Osgood, Hudson and Dixon, Nevin, Walker and Harris – and the marvels of the lost world of football.

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