Arsenal: Chelsea's Piazon Could Be The Perfect Replacement For Cazorla

Adios, Santi. Tudo bom, Lucas?
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Arsenal: Why Chelsea's Piazon Could Be The Perfect Replacement For Cazorla

When he first arrived, there was a lot of big noise made. Beautifully poised, an eye for goal, everything upstairs with a lot more in the ol' feet department.

That could be about Arsenal's Santi Cazorla or Chelsea's forgotten starlet Lucas Piazon. See what I did there? That was a cunning literary trick. Left you guessing.

Anyway, with Santi not looking *quite* the same player since the arrival of German fancy-dan Mesut "The Golden Umlaut" Özil it might be time to cash in on the player while there's still money in his little legs. At 29, that might mean only another year or two before he's fit for the scrap-heap.

Anyway x2, Chelsea don't seem so keen on letting Lucas "The New Kaka, Probably" Piazon have a chance in the first team, Jose seems happier to let the little Brazilian keep tearing up the Eredivisie and the player isn't that happy about it.

ARSENAL: now, I know what you're thinking - we've got Aaron Ramsey and a few players who could play in Piazon's position and, well, yeah that's true but they're on top now and Piazon looks like he could be a world beater in a few years. Don't be so closed minded, you mugs. Chelsea have already proved that they're willing to sell their assets if they're not that bovved, like.

Make full use of their idiocy.


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