Arsenal: Dortmund Brilliant, Now To Thrash The Little Boy In RVP

Defending deep & attacking with flair Arsenal fully deserved the win, now for the traitor...
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A strangely subdued Dortmund - who won six out of six at home last season - weren’t a match for Arsenal’s impressive work rate that would have had a certain ex Mainz player purring with delight if it had been his team working as hard.

The fact of the matter was that the Gunners in Germany produced a very mature performance as they defended in numbers and attacked intelligently – as the team coursed with belief and desire.

Tactically there were no gaps between the back four and the two deep lying midfielders which stopped Dortmund’s attacking trident from influencing the game and threatening our defence too frequently.

Credit also must go to Arsenal legend Steve Bould for drilling our defence. Dortmund were caught offside so many times it felt like we were channelling the ghost of George Graham – and I for one, who grew up watching that late 80s team home and away - felt proud.

‘We didn’t make mistakes, we had a united compact block – we didn’t give them a chance to score’ said Arsene Wenger tellingly after the game.


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Ramsey also appears to have honed his knack of running late into the box ala Lampard. If he keeps his form up he could well take over the mantle from the Chelsea player of being the highest scoring British midfielder in the Premiership. In which case he would be worth his weight in gold.

The man can simply do no wrong at the moment.

But I am not going to talk about the three massive fixtures this week until after the United game, I am not going to make any rash predictions, and I am certainly not going to ape the smugness that many Chelsea fans showed after they had written us off so disrespectfully after our second string lost to them the other week.

And don’t get me started on Ashley Young’s ‘propensity to go to ground’ as Andy Townsend called it, nor the ‘little boy inside Robin’ screaming to play for United. That can wait for Sunday, as the other night was all about Arsenal Football Club & Arsene Wenger proving a few more pundits wrong. Certainly by their superbly disciplined performance at last season’s second best team in Europe, where they had never before lost to an English side.

As I keep saying the wheels may fall off at any time – hands up who remembers how toxic the atmosphere after Villa was ten short weeks ago – but I think it’s fair to say the team & management should be applauded for the form they have showed since losing at WHL on 3 March. A match that prompted AVB and his google translate machine to utter his hugely embarrassing ‘negative downward spiral’ statement.

Blimey AVB, if you think that then no wonder you let Lloris play on – maybe you wanted the knock on his head to send him as deluded as you. (And as for your football, well I wonder what Billy Nick & Danny Blanchflower would make of it all? Especially as even Stoke are trying to play football this year…)

All I will say is that momentum is with us at the moment, our defence looks difficult to breach, and I for one can’t wait for Sunday’s game.

Even though, after weds night’s victory in the Lions den that is the Westfalenstadion, 1-0 to the Arsenal hasn’t sounded so sweet for a long time.

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