Arsenal Fan Overhears Wenger's Private Transfer Talk

Arsenal Twitter is going mental...
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An Arsenal fan has claimed to have overheard a discussion between Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis and other members of the coaching and medical staff.

Judging by the photo provided, the fan was sitting in what appears to be a hotel reception in Singapore when he claims to have eavesdropped on a very tasty conversation between the Arsenal bigwigs.

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The full transcript according to the fan was posted on a forum (account required).

The coaches and CEO discuss the prospect of sending various youngsters on loan and whether or not they have a future at the club.

However, the really juicy bit is a man referred to as 'Alex' who's in Berlin. It's possible this could be Alexandre Lacazette. Gazidis also alludes to a 'second one' (deal), thus indicating there could be some serious transfer activity in the offing at Arsenal.

Whether or not this fan is to be trusted is up for interpretation, but all Gooners are looking at one-another in anticipation...


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