Arsenal Fans: 5 Awesome Team Goals Just As Good As Wilshere's Yesterday

Arsenal fans are wondering whether THAT goal yesterday belongs in the greatest of all time list; here are five other magnificent efforts to consider first.
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The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger summed it up pretty neatly really: "It was a team goal… A mixture of technical quality, speedy thinking, quick reactions and as well calm in front of goal. It had nearly everything." One of the top three Arsenal goals during his reign, he also said; the one touch interplay between Cazorla, Giroud and Wilshere will stay long in the memory.

As Arsenal fans everywhere try and stifle their Wilshere inspired footie boners today, it's prescient to wonder: just where does this incredible bit of artistry rank in the greatest of all time list? Is it the best team goal there's been?

Hold up there a second, that's a bold claim; we've found five of the best from recent, and not so recent times which could arguably be even better...

1. Manchester United vs. Panathinaikos, 1999.

Okay we get that Arsenal fans would rather a Man Utd goal NOT be on the list, but just look at it. 32 passes consecutively, and that final Beckham/Sheringham/Scholes combo is just sublime. What a goal and also, what a team - they did win the treble with those players remember.

2. Spain vs. Scotland, 2011.

You almost feel a bit sorry for Scotland here don't you... Nahhhht. Virtually impossible to play against, the Spain teams over the last five or so years have revolutionised international football and it's easy to see why. Patient, precise and ultimately lethal, this team move deserves to be up there with the all time greats.

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3. Southampton vs. Liverpool, 1982.

Similarly to Spain, the early 80s Liverpool team of Rush, Dalglish et al swept all before them to dominate. However, in this video, quite simply, they get owned; the overhead kick to Keegan, his header across the box, then Mick Channon smashing it in to cap off a wonderful move. Well played. Keegan's barnet is still terrible though.

4. Argentina vs Serbia and Montenegro, 2006.

This simply had to be on the list and is arguably the best World Cup goal ever; even better than Carlos Alberto's strike against Italy in 1970 we reckon. Finished off by Esteban Cambiasso, Argentina were stunning in the group stages before their challenge petered out early. At least the Argies have this to remember though.

5. AO Giannina  vs. Atromitos (Youth Game), 2013.

No, this isn't a midget football match, they're actual children. Despite their tender years, this AO Giannina team effort may just be the best one here. Forgive me if I don't know the names of these random Greek kids but one thing I do know, is that this is a superb goal and can go toe to toe with any other contender out there.

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