Have Arsenal Fans Had Enough Of Mesut Özil?

Sure, he's one of the world's foremost playmakers - but what does he ACTUALLY do?
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Have Arsenal Fans Had Enough Of Mesut Özil?

A version of this article originally appeared on the very great uMAXit blog.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had just about enough of Mesut Özil. I’m sick of people defending him with their tedious statistics and facts. It bores me to read about the number of assists he’s provided or the vast collection of medals he’s won. If you’re only interested in applying logic to everything then I’m sorry but you’re reading the wrong article.

All I’m really interested in is what I can see with my own eyes, every match day, at home in my armchair. The odd live game whenever Arsenal are on Sky or BT Sport, or more likely edited highlights on Match of the Day, give me the perfect basis on which to judge a player who doesn’t seem to put any effort into the simplest of footballing skills.

I mean, what exactly does he do? I can see what Sanchez does: he runs around a lot and leaves defenders for dead with his blistering pace. Ditto Jack Wilshere, who gets stuck in and goes flying into tackles. When was the last time you saw Özil straining for anything? When did he last atone for an error or win back a badly controlled ball?

Arsenal fans love a player who shows some fight when wearing the shirt. That your technique and control of the ball may render any extra effort unnecessary is neither here nor there. No one ever gets any abuse for trying really hard but not being all that good. Take Olivier Giroud for example – nothing but polite applause.

You’ve got to remember that Özil joined Arsenal for a whopping £42.5m. Forty-two point five million! Who does he think he is costing that much and not being absolutely bloody brilliant all the time? I’d almost understand if he didn’t win every game on his own at half that price, but for £42.5m? He should carry the weight of that fee into every single game.

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