Arsenal Fans React Furiously Over Welbeck Injury

Gunners wishing they were wel-backed in the transfer window
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Arsenal were linked with Karim Benzema for the entire transfer window again, and again they didn't sign him. The link comes from Arsenal lacking a world class striker, with Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott trading runs in the starting line-up, and Danny Welbeck's injury problem. 

Well, if you didn't already know, Danny Welbeck was injured at the end of last season, and missed out on the last few games of the season. Arsenal hoped he wouldn't need surgery, and so held off throughout the summer, only for the transfer window to close, and the very next day came the announcement that Welbeck would need surgery, and faced months on the sideline. News also came that Wenger and Arsenal knew that Welbeck's injury would recquire surgery a week before the transfer window shut, and chose not to buy a striker. 

As you can imagine, Arsenal fans were less than impressed with the news, particularly after signing no outfield players during the transfer window;