Arsenal Fans Rejoice At Ramsey's Form - Madrid Bought The Wrong Welshman

Goals, dynamism and intelligence have been a feature of Rambo's play this season, and for what he's had to come through we should salute him...
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What more needs to be said than that – apart from the fact that Madrid are looking for their receipt as they may have bought the wrong Welshman from North London? Or the fact that 13 out of the 15 goals have been scored or assisted by British players. Or that Aaron has scored six goals from seven shots for Arsenal this season and is the top scorer in the CL this season? Or even the fact that at 14k our Welshman ran further on the pitch than any other player.

Last night proved that Aaron is mirroring Cesc Fabregas in 2008 when he started to add goals to his game. Not to mention Flamini looking like his old self – or at least the solidity he offered five years ago – as well as Walcott banging home a superb volley despite his profligate behavior prior to the goal.

How must Arsene Wenger feel with the form our Caerphilly born Welshman is in?

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Wenger actually said last night after the 2-1 victory: “Honestly, I didn’t expect him (Ramsey) to score so many goals this season. He’s especially improved in his passing, his technical quality. He was always in good positions in the box. But scoring is a bit cyclical. You have periods when it goes in and others when it doesn’t. For me, the most important thing is the quality of his game”.

“I decided to be patient with him. When you have been injured for such a long time, it takes a while to get back to your best. You never know if he will come completely back. But when you are injured before 20, you come back to your normal level and improve like you have not been injured”.

Or as Aaron put it: “I’m happy with the way I’m playing at the moment, I’m playing with confidence and getting into positions and putting them away. I felt I was getting into these positions but have not quite had the composure which I now seem to be doing.

“It’s important to keep the winning run going. Our away form has been fantastic, that’s 10 away wins in a row and hopefully we can keep building on that.”

Hear hear Aaron. It takes a heart of stone not to laugh at Spurs, but it takes a man of character to come back from what you have endured, both physically and mentally. Well done.

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