Arsenal Hero Slams Man Utd Flop For Mocking His Finishing

Go on, Danny. Let him have it.
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Arsenal Hero Slams Man Utd Flop For Mocking His Finishing

Arsenal's, ahem, "new Henry" has hit out at Man United's Louis Van Gaal after a few choice comments made by the ballsy Dutchman about the England striker's finishing after the player's impressive hat-trick in the Champions League this week.

Talking to the Telegraph, the player said:

“Nobody can really criticise my finishing because they don’t really see me playing in a forward position too often. Now I am getting into these positions I want to be sticking the ball in the back of the net. Obviously people can say I’ve not scored enough goals, but you stick the best strikers on the wing in a four-man midfield and see if they score goals.

“Beforehand, sometimes I wasn’t getting through on goal if I was coming from a four-man midfield. Obviously it’s difficult to leave your position and go and get scoring opportunities. But I’m getting into these positions much more regularly.”

Pulling no punches, there, Danny. Like it.


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