Arsenal: It's Time For Change If Klopp Or Pep Are Available

Despite our collapse in the final third, we've been pretty consistent, but our naivety against rivals has cost us dearly and some of that blame must be Arsene's...
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Arsenal: It's Time For Change If Klopp Or Pep Are Available

What’s going right?

Despite our inevitable fall away from the top and ostensible capitulation, we actually finish the season just 7 points off the champions. One can only imagine what could have been had our star man Aaron Ramsey stayed fit, not to mention Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil. Also, barring our collapse in the final third of the season, we have actually been remarkably consistent: the fact we spent 128 days top of the league is testament to this. Oh, and we’re in an FA Cup final.

What’s not?

We were 1th and now we are 4th. Fundamental to this is our failure to deliver in away games against our biggest rivals. 6-3 at City, 5-1 at Liverpool, 6-0 at Chelsea, and 3-0 against Everton. I was at all of them, and every performance was the carbon copy of the previous, and equally soul destroying. I attribute this largely to the players – at the end of the day they are the ones on the pitch, not the manager. Having said that, Arsene’s tactical naivety must be attributed some of the blame, especially against Chelsea.

Got the right manager?

It’s a tricky question, and one that has been extremely divisive among the Arsenal fanbase. At the moment, I’m thinking yes. But, after the defeat at Goodison - the final straw in a season that has left me as emotionally stable as Charlie Sheen on an ecstasy comedown - for the first time I thought he had to go. Speaking objectively, however, I think one more year of Wenger wouldn’t be a bad thing. I do genuinely believe we are only a few additions away from being a title-winning side, and I would bloody love it to be under Arsene’s management. He is one of a dying breed of managers who genuinely love the club they’re working for, and I think many Arsenal fans take this for granted. Being honest, though, if Pep or Klopp became available over the summer, I certainly wouldn’t be averse to change.

Star player?

He’s only played half a season, but Aaron Ramsey has been an absolute revelation.

Who would you like to sell in the summer?

Our medical staff. The amount of long-term absences we get from seemingly innocuous injuries is a joke. Something’s not right.


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Who do you want to sign?

A mobile and clinical striker. Balotelli may be worth a punt, though Wenger will no doubt pluck someone out of the French 2nd division. On top of that we need a defensive midfielder in the Matic mould. Fulham’s Patrick Roberts is also an outrageous talent.

Best chant so far?

“To Dare is To Do, To Dare is To Doooo, 13 league titles, you’ve only won two!” sung at full decibel at White Hart Lane.

Closely followed by: “Viva Kim Kallstrom, viva Kim Kallstrom, we got him on loan, with a broken backbone, viva Kim Kallstrom!”

Best opposition player/team you’ve seen?

Liverpool absolutely blew us away at Anfield.

Biggest w***** of the season?

Jose Mourinho. I must congratulate him on his fantastic performance this season.

Funniest Moment of the season?

Spurs spending one hundred million pounds and losing three times against us this season, without scoring a goal.

Next season's prediction?

With two quality additions this summer, I don’t see why we can’t win the thing.

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