Arsenal: Jose Might Claim We're 'Lucky' But He's Just Jealous

The Special One has been feeling sorry for himself after his side's poor start but to suggest that our run of form is anything other than well-deserved is ridiculous...
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Arsenal: Jose Might Claim Our Form Has Been 'Lucky' But He's Just Jealous

So, the ‘Special One’/’Happy One’/‘Walks Out of Press Conferences For No Apparent Reason One’ Jose Mourinho says that ‘certain’ teams have had an advantage in the fixture list so far.

"At this moment some teams are being helped by the fixtures, some are more difficult than others. Manchester United have the most difficult one, immediately followed by us."

Yes because Hull City and Fulham at home are tough games Jose, just like West Brom at home for United last week eh?

Speaking of which, Arsenal not only go the Hawthorns on the back of a tremendous run of form but a tremendous stat – namely a German has scored for the Gunners in each of the last four games. If you can name them, well done, especially the League Cup goal against West Brom.

Although to be fair, I’m not sure how much of a marker that game will be in terms of tomorrow - apart from finding out that Nicklas Bendnter has morphed into Pigsy from seminal 70’s tv show Monkey, and a fat one at that.

Mourinho added: "I think by the end of November, that is the moment we will find out somebody is in a little bit better situation than others. I think this season can go all the way, and I think that is good."

He’s right in as much as if Giroud is injured then Arsenal are in a world of trouble considering Podolski is out till December. If Olivier stays fit and in form, the early November fixtures of Liverpool at home and a struggling United away really will tell us a lot about Arsenal’s title hopes.

With Bacary Sagna out for three weeks joining Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and, er,  Abou Diaby & Yaya Sanogo the squad is being tested even before the clocks go back. Thankfully Rosicky and Arteta have returned, with both having played beautifully against a lacklustre Napoli team midweek.

Incidentally that first 45 minutes was as good as anything I have witnessed for a while. It was great to see Ozil score his first goal in our colours, not to mention showing the Europe what we are capable of, against a team from Serie A that had accumulated 16 points from 18.

It was actually fun, there was even ‘We’re the North Bank/We’re the Clock End/ We’re the East Stand’ chanting which hasn’t been heard for a while.(As one wag said, even at The Grove the West Stand remained silent). I’m in a bit of a quandary here as I spent 25 years on the Clock End at Highbury and can’t actually bring myself to sing ‘We’re the North Bank’ which is where I sit nowadays. So I got up and sung “We’re the Clock End”. Which may have confused a few people, myself included.


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As for Jack Wilshere, well, what I would say is that I would much rather have a key player of my team caught smoking than shagging his best mate’s wife or being accused of racist abuse. Or for that matter shooting an intern with an air pistol, or other alleged marital infidelities, or being p****d and laughing at distressed Americans on the day of 9/11. I could go on...

Jack, this is an important part of your learning process – how to cope with being left out of the team, or being played in a less than favourite position. You need to knuckle down and show everyone that you have it in you to be an Arsenal (and England legend). Smoking probably isn’t going to help you do that – even if you do post on your Twitter account a picture of Zinedine Zidane having a fag.

Come on Jackie boy, footballers smoking in France may well be far more prevalent than in England - which is another reason Arsene took the news in his stride - but you’ve done the abusing taxi drivers stage, and drunk in nightclub’s stage, so in terms of your development, you’re now best off ending the smoking stage and getting back to football and nothing else.  Cos we love you, and know you can - and hopefully will - be an absolute bl**dy legend for club and country.

"Every weekend someone can lose points.” Mourinho added.

Yes Jose, here’s hoping it will be your misfiring team at a raucous Carrow Road this weekend rather than the on-fire Gunners at West Brom.

In fact you could say Arsenal’s form is so good at the moment – albeit it with a ‘lucky’ fixture list according to the Not-So-Happy One - that we are, er, smoking…

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