Arsenal Keeper Cech Confirms Cheslea's Fears

The 'keeper is going all out to win against his former club this weekend.
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Peter Cech returns to Stamford Bridge this weekend to face off against his old club, the first time he's been back since his £10m transfer to Arsenal this summer. 

Any sentiment the Czech 'keeper may have had for his old side will be put on hold for 90 minutes however, as he revealed in the Arsenal podcast this week, “Obviously it will be new to play against Chelsea but when you start playing the game the only concern you have is ‘can I play my best game and can we win?’”

It's the news no Chelsea fan wanted to hear. 

Mourinho will be hoping his old stopper can cut him some slack, with an abysmal start to the season which currently sees them one place off the relegation zone and 11 points behind Man City. 

Arsenal on the other hand currently sit 4th in the table, but take on Dinamo Zagreb on Wednesday. 


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