Arsenal: Podolski Should Be Trusted & Wilshere Should Shut His Mouth

Who knows why Wenger doesn't seem to trust Podolski, he clearly should. And Jack, we love you, but stick to playing football and remember no player is bigger than the club...
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Arsenal: Podolski Should Be Trusted & Wilshere Should Shut His Mouth...

1) Giroud looks confident, Theo looks a real danger and why doesn’t Wenger rate Poldolski?

They say it takes a season to get used to the Premier League. With Arsenal players it’s not so much second season syndrome as show us what you’ve got. A solid if unspectacular first season yielded a respectable 17 goals. I want him to kick on this year. He adds height to the line along, has quick feet, is an intelligent runner, with a decent finish, plays well with his back towards goal and has good positional awareness. In short he ticks a lot of boxes. He showed that yesterday at Fulham.

Theo Walcott looks dangerous everytime he gets the ball these days. His pace is unmatched even on the Cottager’s sodden turf. He thinks a lot more about what he’s doing on and off the ball. He scared the Fulham defence everytime he touched the ball. More please.

I have no idea what Lukas Podolski has done to annoy Wenger. It is his smiling demeanour? The fact he never whinges? Maybe it’s because he uses the tube rather than a car. Whatever it is I can’t really fathom it. He was substituted last season a record number of times. Why? He is fit. He is a good finisher with a powerful shot. He has relative pace and as a forward is a real team man. I loved the joy on his face when he scored at the Cottage, and the evident pride he takes in playing for the Gunners. I just wish Arsene did.

2) Fulham is a great awayday.

I’ve been to Fulham more times than I care to remember. Half the reason I have problems remembering is that I was too drunk. What is it about Fulham away that encourages such copious amounts of imbibing? Red Action and Black Scarf even hired two party boats that went down the river. Is it because it’s least intimidating ground in the top flight so you know you don’t have to watch yourself? I know when I saw Arsenal at the Old and New Dens I wouldn’t have dreamt of drinking so much. Is it visiting the venerable old stadium by the Thames that encourages such a cavalier attitude? Is it the large away ticket allocation? Whatever it is long may it continue.

The away support was loud, raucous, and supported the team 100% - to be fair our away following always does – we have sold out our allocation at every away league game since before we left Highbury, I’m not sure how many other teams can boast that fact? New songs were heard, old favourites re-issued. The fans were singing in the rain. And how we loved it.

3) No player is bigger than Arsenal Football Club. 

Oh Jack. The potential you have is frightening. So please don’t think that you’re bigger than the club by threatening to spit the dummy about things that aren’t within your remit.

Whether you’re an Arsene Knows Best or want him out the fact is Jack Wilshere does not need to be commenting on hypothetical managerial changes in the form of a thinly veiled threat. Yes we need to sign players to supplement a decent starting 11 if not a threadbare squad. Yes it must be frustrating as a player for the club not to have done so thus far – try and understand our frustrations as fans about it – and yes we have let great players go in the past because of our inherently cautious approach to the market and contracts over the last few years (thanks Ivan and Dick): but for a player to start mouthing off in the press about what he may or may not do if certain conditions aren’t to his liking is simply unacceptable.

Jack was benched at Fulham yesterday. You could argue he’s tired, but with a 3-0 lead against a ridiculously poor Fenerbache side he could have been rested on Tuesday ahead of the big one against the Spuds a week today. Point made by Arsene.

At the end of the game our midfielder’s twitter feed read: “First points of the season! Feels good! Thanks to the fans who made it down to craven cottage, amazing as always!”, “Very proud to have played 100 games for the club I have grown to love! Dream come true! Thank you to all the fans for your continued love!”, “Hopefully another 600 to come!”

Arsenal fans can forgive a lot of things Jack (including the liberal use of inappropriate exclamation marks) but don’t take us for mugs. We love you Jack. We want you to be an Arsenal legend. But no player is bigger than the club.


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4) It’s been a good week for Arsenal but I hope it doesn’t paper over cracks

As a season ticket holder of nearly 30 years I was at the Villa game. The atmosphere at the end was as poisonous as I can recall. So two big wins in a week including yesterday stroll in the rain at Fulham is welcome for a variety of reasons on a number of levels. But I really hope that it doesn’t camouflage that fact Ivan Gazidis and Dick Law need to earn every dollar of their hugely inflated salaries this week by getting on the case to sign some class players to bolster our paper thin squad before September 2. Already there’s quotes from Wenger saying there won’t be any new arrivals before the 2nd leg v Fener this Tuesday. Can I ask why?

5) TV Pundits I loathe on MOTD with all my marrow

Mark Lawrenson. Harry Redknapp. Gary Lineker. Is there an Arsenal fan who disagrees? If you do I’d be genuinely interested in hearing why. And what time your next medication is.

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