Arsenal: Signing Khedira Over Bender Could Be A HUGE Risk

Sami's ace but betting on him being the holding midfielder you so crave might turn out to be a mug's game...
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Arsenal: Flog Arteta & Sign Lars Bender Or Risk Going Backwards

Arsenal obviously need a striker (even with Alexis) but what they really need is a combative midfielder alongside Aaron Ramsey as well. Mathieu Flamini has done well since returning, and Mikel Arteta is a solid pro, but neither are particularly young or particularly good enough, if we're honest.

The mooted signing of Sami Khedira is well and good but he's not the holding man that Wenger needs (although he is probably the one he deserves...)

Enter Lars Bender - Leverkusen's professional snaffler-up of loose balls and expert heel-nipper - who Wenger has, according to the Mirror, set in his transfer crosshairs.

Bender averaged 3.7 tackles per match compared to Khedira's 1.1 last season and - while that still doesn't sound like a lot - we're assured that it actually is. The 25-year-old German would also prove to be a lot cheaper than Sami, not being weighed down with a starring role at his country's World Cup win and what with not being currently camped at a world-class side.

Khedira is probably a better ball player but is more of a box-to-box player than the kind of "get-it, give-it and never get ahead of the ball" defensive-mid they're lacking.


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