Arsenal: Stop Messing About And Buy Cheick Tioté

Wenger's team has been crying out for a nasty b*****d for years. Look no further.
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Why Newcastle's Cheick Tioté Would Be Perfect For Arsenal

Bare with me.

Strong, good on his feet and an extremely adapt at retaining possession, Cheick Tioté remains one of the most hated men in English football. That's exactly why Wenger should sign him.

He might not be quite as good but he'd be one helluva lot cheaper than William Carvalho and Tioté is just the kind of player that Arsenal have been crying out for: a man to dominate the middle of the park, to allow the more creative players around him to thrive. Flamini at his peak, Song in his final year, Gilberto Silva at his pomp. Arsenal had plenty of these players in recent years and now old Arsene has deigned it entirely reasonable to let melted-Cesc-alike Mikel Arteta have the sole responsiblity of guarding the Arsenal back line.

That's pretty unacceptable.

Fans might not like it now but they should really Cheick out Tioté. If they want a return to glory then they need a man with true grit.


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