Arsenal: Szczesny's Days Might Be Numbered, Here's Why

He's a bit young, though...
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Arsenal: Szczesny's Days Might Be Numbered, Here's Why 

Okay, ignore that video above - it was pretty much all we can find. It's him conceding three second-half goals against Italy U15s. Let's take that with a pinch of salt, right?

So, with Arsenal finally coming to terms with the fact that Warrick Chesney might not ACTUALLY be that great a goalkeeper they're looking to the future in the considerable shape of Belgian goalkeeper Mile Svilar, according to reports by the Daily Mail, who also reckon that Man United are keen too. And Chelsea but who are they kidding? They're already chock full've keepers.

The player has impressed at a number of youth international tournaments this year but what does that mean, really? There are like, two kids who play for our Sunday league team who've represented their country at that level - it means practically nothing. But whatever, good luck to 'em, like.


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