Arsenal Target Highly-Rated Lille Destroyer Idrissa Gueye

Hope Arsenal's Arteta pay-off will be enough to keep up the Spaniard's extortionate hairdye and eyeliner budget...
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Arsenal Target Highly-Rated Lille Destroyer Idrissa Gueye

Pretty much everyone understands that Arsenal are due a period of refreshment and regeneration, right? Slow, laboured, short on ideas - something's gotta change.

Arsene's (apparently, according to France's Sport365) been looking to do that by targeting talented Lille twenty-four year old Idrissa Gueye, with the player currently rated as being worth about £5.4million. Not chump-change, sure, but a solid figure.

A powerful Senegalese midfielder who's only got one goal on his CV and one line in his Wikipedia page. Has Wenger had his fingers burnt over the ultra-expensive, not-all-that-successful-if-we're-honest Özil deal and gone back to bagging unknowns? It wouldn't surprise us given his previous.

That said, there's no gaurentee that this is the guy Arsenal will actually sign, he's just one they actually SHOULD sign: a powerful, defensive-minded player who'll sit there and mop up and not just pass sideways and otherwise contribute not much of anything... *looks at Arteta*

(Note: there were other Gueye videos around, making him look ace and that, but how could we not use one of him falling flat on his face?)


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