Arsenal: Who Needs Sagna When You've Got Debuchy?

Congrats, Arsene, lad - you actually bought a player you needed. This is PROGRESS.
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Arsenal: Who Needs Sagna When You've Got Debuchy?

Sagna's gone.

While that brings the decent haircut average up a couple of points, that also means that Arsene's lost out on one of his most consistent and dependable performers.

Enter Newcastle's French international RB, Mathieu Debuchy - today he's confirmed a move to the Red half of North London in the Express.

Fast, good on the ball and - at 28-years-old - totally ready for first team football. That's an important aspect that Arsene's too often over-looked. Sure, buying within your own league carries a premium, but for a reason - the risk factor is slashed. The Frenchman was solid in his first year in English football for Pardew's inconsistent foreign legion, and chances are he'll only be getting better especially when playing with a higher standard of teammate (soz, Geordies - just the truth.)


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