Arsenal: Will Silva Become Just Another Ryo Miyaichi?

Gonna have to think about that one, tbh.
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Arsenal: Will Wellington Silva Become Just Another Ryo Miyaichi?

The Telegraph are reporting that Arsenal's brilliant Brazilian youngster Wellington Silva is finally available for selection after navigating the rocky terrain that is the securance of a work permit to play on these fair shores. That's all well and great but will Arsene Wenger, Gallic miserablist and serial boring-football denier, actually play the lad?

Gonna go for the easiest answer, here, which is "probably not".

Arsene Wenger is your footballing luddite. If Arsenal were a woman with any self-respect they'd have divorced him ages ago, stuck in a loveless marriage bound by Stockholm Syndrome and a preoccupation with paying the bills. You can't ever imagine Wenger, the game's great crap-coat-and-pragmatism enthusiast, doing anything as exciting as injecting some pace, purpose and freshness into his side by throwing in a scrappy, raw talent such as Silva. The Brazilian has impressed on loan and would certainly bring a directness to proceedings, perfect timing as they ease in another in that mould, dodgy-sideburned forward Theo Walcott, but I suspect Wenger's "Oh no, that sounds scary" reflex will kick in instead.

Doubters, let me point you in the general, sullen, round-shouldered direction of Joel Campbell. It's time to accept that Wenger is too set in his ways and if Arsenal want to challenge, he almost certainly has to go.



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