Arsenal's Opponents Embroiled In Bribery Scandal

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Arsenal are in Champions League action for the first time tonight as they face off against Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia, but Zagreb are under a different kind of pressure.

Brothers Zradvko and Zoran Mamic are the Chief Executive and Manager of Dinamo Zagreb respectively, began this season in prison. They were released on bail just in time for Zagreb's Champions League 1st leg qualifier, but face the looming threat of legal charges.

The charges relate to siphoning money from overseas transfers, in deals such as Luka Modric's move to Tottenham back in 2008, and they are believed to have taken over £11 million from transfer fees, as well as an unpaid tax bill of over £1 million. The brothers spent 11 days in jail before being released on bail, which cost them a combined £1.08 million for their release, after appeal. Luka Modric has even been called forward to give testimony on the case, proving how profile this is.

Zradvko Mamic discussed their difficult position so far this season, “We survived many imputations and attempts to destabilise the club. I don’t remember anyone, in any walk of life, achieving a similar success in such a bad environment.” 

The full story is reported in the Guardian: