Arsenal's Season Ticket Hike Is A Needless Rinsing Of Excited Fans

So on the eve of our biggest game of the season when everything is tickety boo they announce a 3% rise and know that the fans have no choice but to just take it in the Arsenal...
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Arsenal's Season Ticket Hike Is A Needless Rinsing Of Excited Fans

On the eve of the biggest game of our season, with thoughts solely of Manchester City, Arsenal Football Club let slip that they will be increasing the price of  my Season Ticket by 3% from the start of next season.

I won't be marching in protest or hand penning a silly banner. Nor shall I lose any sleep over handing over an extra £40.00 to the club next season. This isn't about the money. Not really. It's about a principal. Not taking the p*** and rinsing your fan base just because you can. Naive? Probably. The horse has long since bolted, but this particular p***take feels needless.

From August the club will earn an extra £25m from the new TV deal and a similar increase in kit sponsorship with Puma replacing Nike to the tune of £170m over 5 years, combined with £150m from Emirates over the same period.

Why do the club need an extra £40.00 from me and others to generate a further £3m? Over the past two years the club announced it was freezing prices at the end of January and beginning of February, with the team struggling.


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Here we are, top of the league in mid December and it's time for a hike.

But it's ok, the increase is "in line with inflation", so I'll take the clubs statement and present it to my firm come salary review and assume I'll be sweet to cover the cost with my pay rise.

With a good feeling once more surrounding the club, the board have created a negative. One they hope will be forgotten by the time the final whistle blows at the Etihad, let alone when it comes to renewing on June 1st.

I will of course. They know it.

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