Arsene Says Chelsea Selling Mata To Man United Is Unfair: Here's Why They Won't Care

Wenger is suspecting Jose of tactically selling Mata to United to scupper his side's title chances. Mourinho? Devious? Surely not...
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Arsene Says Chelsea Selling Mata To Man United Is Unfair: Here's Why They Won't Care

Poor Arsene Wenger is having a tough time of it.

What with angelic Schalke playmaker Draxler giving him the runaround (should reports be believed) and having to put up with a squad that contains Nicky Bendtner, according to the Indie, he's also got to contend with the 'unfair' decision of Chelsea to sell Mata to Man United - effectively claiming that Jose is tactically selling the player to a rival to scupper Arsenal's chances, leaving space for the Blues to move into.

Here are the best quotes of Wenger's conference so you don't have to bother watching it all:

"Juan Mata is a great player, and they are selling a great player to a direct opponent."

"It opens up the opportunities in this transfer market because Chelsea have already played twice against Man United and so don't play them again anymore,"

"United could have sold him last week but it opens at least the dates of this transfer window. Some teams have already played twice against one opponent and some others not and I think if you want to respect the fairness for everybody - exactly the same - that should not happen."

Anyway - it's all very Tinker Tailer Soldier Wenger, right now.

Manchester United and David Moyes could really do with a player with the nous of the Spaniard, what with them struggling in a mid-table mire and being in a postion where they intentionally have to pick Phil Jones, so they won't care. Not in the slightest. Sorry, Arsene.


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