Hilarious Arsene Wenger Zip Advert Proves He Can't Act

I think so too.
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It must be difficult being a modern football manager. In the past the likes of Brian Clough and Bill Shankley could just focus on building a great football side, but nowadays the modern coach has to get involved with all sorts of undignified commercial nonsense as well.

Take Arsene Wenger for instance, who is now a subject of ridicule - not for the standard of the Arsenal defence, as he should be - but for his acting ability. Arsenal's kit manufacturer Puma have released a tongue-in-cheek commercial in which they wax lyrical about the new zip they have produced for Wenger's bafflingly long coat.

All Arsene has to do is zip up said coat, look straight into the camera and utter his line with conviction. Not as easy as it sounds...

Oh dear. If this was the best take, then we can't wait to see the blooper reel. Meanwhile, here's the full video from Puma, for all you Wenger/zip aficionados.


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